Handkerchiefs & Pocket Squares

Adding a folded handkerchief into the breast pocket of a jacket can change an outfit from great to brilliant. We divided our selection of handkerchiefs into two groups: Solid color handkerchiefs and patterned handkerchiefs. Click below to see the entire collection.

Matching Handkerchief to Suit, Shirt, and Tie

When matching a handkerchief to an outfit one should think about how formal of a look he wants to portray. For black tie attire the classic white pocket square is the only choice. A touch less formal, are solid color pocket squares that are neatly folded and are in the same color as the necktie or bowtie. Least formal are patterned pocket squares that are in different color than the tie. For such pocket squares a less-formal type of fold, such as the “Puff-Fold” is recommended. In addition, think about how to combine different patterns on different clothing items into one outfit. The key here is to have patterns that vary in size and style. Wearing patterns that are too similar in style and size will be irritating to the eye.

Dress Code for Hankies?

There is no real dress code when wearing a handkerchief. They are a perfect fashion accessory that help add a more personal, as well as a more sophisticated touch to any suit and tie. Only black tie functions as well as White Tie events require a solid white pocket square.

Different Ways to Fold a Handkerchief

There are dozens of ways to fold a hanky. To learn the most popular styles we invite you to visit our tutorial on How to Fold a Handkerchief

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