Lime Green and Lavender Purple Tie

Lime Green and Lavender Purple Tie

This Puccini tie is made for the bold man who isn't afraid to incorporate lots of color into his wardrobe. This is a great tie to wear to work or an occasion that is semiformal and takes place during the daytime.

However, please keep in mind, when sporting a tie this eccentric be sure that everything else in your ensemble is simple. For example, wear this tie with a navy suit and a white dress shirt to keep the surrounding colors simple enough to let the tie do all the talking.

Mens Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3.5"

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Product Rewiews

Merv's review

"High quality product, good price. I wear this to the office."

Rating 5/5
daniel's review

"Will be used in a wedding"

Rating 5/5
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