March 11, 2014

Featured Tie Of The Week – Blue Diamonds

Look Ultra Dapper With This Diamond Patterned Tie

Dapper Streetwear Look With Tie

 Diamond Patterned Tie in Blue and Silver from Bows-N-Ties

Our Featured Tie of the Week is our acutely handsome Diamond Patterned Tie in Navy and Silver. Steven Onoja of Ostentation and Style styled our featured tie with his very talented ability to combine classic menswear pieces to create something utterly new and authentically all his.  This is a skill that is very much- easier said than done.  Onoja  paired this classic diamond patterned tie with a denim shirt, wool blazer, camel coat, broken in denim and a red baker boy hat.

Diamond Patterned Tie and Blazer

The range of color is unexpectedly superb.  We love the combination of camels, greens, and blues paired with the bright red hat and the eclectic collection of bold gold rings and the vintage silver tie bar.  The result of all these fashion components is nothing short of dapper.

Designer Blue and Silver Tie

The textured layers of wools and denims bring out the sharp and distinct pattern of the diamond tie which is made from a utilitarian microfiber that resists stains and wrinkles while mimicking the aesthetic and quality feel of silk.  Onoja put his distinct and impressive spin on this tie to show the vast possibilities of this particular design.  You can emulate this look or create one all of your own.   And if you are lost for ideas, this tie makes  the perfect accent accessory for a navy blue and / or gray suit.

Thank You to Stephen Onoja of Ostentation and Style for creating a brilliant look and capturing the versatility of this accessory.  We encourage all of you to check out his site for more fashion inspiration.  Also, thank you to Sasha Israel for her phenomenal photography in taking these shots.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

August 9, 2013

Looking Dapper in Tan

Embrace a Palette of Tans For Your Most Notable Look Yet

You can never underestimate the powers of the classics.  The color tan has been a landmark color in menswear from the very beginning and it continues to be one of the chicest colors in fashion.  From tan suits to tan hued accessories, you can create innovative and trending looks that are guaranteed to turn heads.



All you need is to invest in a few key tan components to great ultra dapper looks. We recommend investing in a tan suit, a trench, khaki chinos and an assortment of tan accessories ranching from bow ties to ties to pocket squares.

You can never go wrong with a tan necktie whether you opt for a solid tan tie, a paisley tan tie or a asymmetrically striped tan tie.   Tan neckties look phenomenal teamed up with navy and grey suits.

Tan Hued Tie
Photo Credit:

We can’t help but swoon over this perfect Winter Ensemble. The tan hued knit tie adds some lightness to the olive green jacket and the dark brown suit creating the perfect balance of style and contrast.

Tan Hued Blazer

Photo Credit:

A tan hued blazer is a must have basic for any season and any style. We love this lightweight linen textured blazer teamed up with a patterned dress shirt, denim jeans and a  textured grey tie.  You can never go wrong with the combination of tans and navy blues.

Men's Tan Trench

Photo Credit:

A tan hued trench is one of the most versatile pieces a man can own. It can be layered with a three piece suit or a sweater and jeans combination.  It also adds a high level of contrast and sophistication to a head to toe look.

No matter what you opt to wear with tan, it will work!  Treat yourself to a few tan basics and see how sophisticated your wardrobe instantly will become.

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Your Bows-N-Ties Team

July 31, 2013

Back To School Fashion Ideas For Kids

Create Intelligent and Stylish Fashion Ensembles for Middle School


Photo Credit:

School is about to be in session and as much as we hate to say goodbye to Summer and swim suits, we look forward to Back to School Fashion Ensembles. No matter what stage you little one is at in his education, you want him to look smart and stylish. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite Back to School components that will keep him looking like a modern day Hemingway.   This year the big Academia Fashion Trend is a nod to vintage fashion.

The back to school components check list are:

The School Blazer
The Oxford Shirts
The Wool Cardigan
The Kids Ties
The Straight Leg Chinos
The Brogues
The Pocket Squares
The Backpack


Photo Credits:

Invest in a classic New England Tailored Blue Blazer. This quintessential component will make your son look like a future CEO of Limitless Potential.



Boys will boys, and that usually means they hate dressing up. Make sure you let him incorporate his favorite colors for his school  get up and show him inspiration photos of people that he admires. The Harry Potter series has done wonders for encouraging boys to want to wear ties.  We have found great success with this classic striped tie that everyone of all ages can love.


Photo Credit:

 Always load up on an array of blue and white button down oxford shirts. We love seeing the little dudes in these Ralph Lauren Oxfords.

Suede Shoes

Photo Credit:

Make sure his Back to School kicks are as comfortable as they are stylish. We recommend sneakers, loafers or boots. You can’t go wrong with these Suede MacAlister Boots from J.Crew.


Photo Credit:

Always go with colorful chinos! That will unify an entire School look and maintain his kid savvy creativity.  Too often, parents opt for khaki pants and it looks too stuffy and corporate.

Blue and White Backpack

Make sure to pick out a graphic back pack that separates him from the rest of the class. We love the idea of a striped wax canvas backpack.

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Your Cheap Neckties Team

December 20, 2012

NYE Resolution #10 – Shop and Save

Save and Shop Your Way to Dapper Fashion


One of the hardest parts of having a strong interest in fashion is being able to afford the habit. Clothing can be exceptionally expensive, especially when you covet designer pieces. It may seem as if dressing well and being able to pay the rent are mutually exclusive to one another, but they don’t have to be. There are plenty of different ways to save money when shopping for ensemble elements, many of which often go overlooked by those who are new to embracing men’s fashion. With the following tips on your side, you’ll be able to save money while still looking great in 2013.

Hit the Sales Rack
Just about any boutique, whether it be large or small, will have a sales rack. The sales rack is often a hidden gem at the back of the clothing store full of high-quality items that are for sale to make room for new arrivals. Ensemble elements can be on sale for a variety of different reasons, ranging from simply being overstocked to items being discontinued. Best of all, these pieces tend to rotate on a regular basis, meaning you’ll always have a new and updated set of sale options to choose from.

Shop at a Thrift Store
Thrift store shopping may have a bad reputation among those who devote piles of money to new designer clothing, but there’s no need for this to be the case. High-end thrift stores typically sell designer pieces for much less than they might sell for at a regular boutique, which means you’ll be getting much more bang for your buck. Be sure to look over each item carefully when shopping at a thrift store to see if it has rips, tears or stains.

Stock Up on Basics
Basics are essential clothing items, and can make all the difference in the world when properly added to an ensemble. You can stock up on basics without spending a great deal of money if you shop at the right stores. Look for tees, thermals and other, similar items in a variety of different colors, all of which can serve as the perfect base for an attractive ensemble. Note that basics typically pertain to shirts, as you’ll want to spend the extra money on quality pants when possible. Some of the best deals can be found on basics and seasonal accessories.

Happy New Years!

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

Fashion Savvy Resolutions for The New Year

Mens Fashion Resolutions for 2013


Every New Year brings a new set of resolutions. This year we have created a theme of resolutions for menswear fashion for novices. This ten part series looks at fashion oriented resolutions that will make any man better dressed and better suited for handsomeness ranging from tuxes to facial hair to footwear. The top ten resolutions for a menswear makeover in 2013 are:

Power_of_Accessorizing_Mens-StyleResolution 1: Accessorize
Your fashion possibilities are endless when you master the learning curve of accessorizing. Once you understand how to properly accessorize you can put new and creative spins on your favorite menswear pieces, and we are talking about much more than just men’s ties.

Stylish_Trends_MenResolution 2: Look at Trends
Trends are constantly evolving and some are outlandishly bad while others are impressively chic. We aren’t suggesting that you jump on every trend that presents itself but it is important to see what is trending and to incorporate some of things you like into your own personal style.

Wearing_Bowtie_GuideResolution 3: Embrace Neckwear
Neckwear is a large encompassing term for bowties, ties, ascots and silk scarves. All of these things have the potential to add style and coolness to an aesthetic whether it’s casual, professional or a combination of both. If you don’t know already – you have to learn how to tie a tie in 2013.

Groomed_BeardResolution 4: Experiment with Facial Hair
Facial hair has been gaining momentum over the last few years and more and more men are experimenting with mustaches and beards. This New Year, grow out some facial hair and see how you look. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Urban_Mens_BootsResolution 5: Focus on Footwear
Footwear is a staple component to any good ensemble and every fashion conscious man should take this fact to heart. In the New Year, promise yourself you’ll wear less sneakers, work out more and incorporate some polished menswear oxfords into the mix. For those, who are less willing to go with the dress shoe, opt for the leather boot.

Formal_Black_TuxResolution 6: Go Formal
Don’t be afraid to dress things up when the special occasions arise. Wearing a tux is actually sort of spectacular and gives you a James Bond dose of panache and adventure. Make the resolution to understand formal wear in the New Year and at least wear a tux one time.

Stylish_designer_Workout_BagsResolution 7: Get Into Shape
No matter what, you have to resolve to get into better shape in 2013. Getting into shape is guaranteed to make you feel and look better. Make a promise to yourself to hit the gym and buy clothes that are tailored to fit the trim version of you.

Mens_Closet_Organization_GuideResolution 8: Organize Your Closet
Some of us are better at organizing and staying organized then others. This year, resolve to organize your closet so that you can find what you need to create a winning ensemble in record time. How you organize it is up to you but make sure you can find what you need. A cleaner closet means a better dressed you.

Menswear_Patterns_StylesResolution 9: Play with Pattern
Break away from fashion habits and introduce new patterns to your wardrobe in 2013. Learn how to mix a micro-gingham dress shirt with a striped tie without clashing and how to accessorize a pin striped suit in the New Year. Once you start playing with pattern, you won’t be able to stop.

Vintage_Wool_BlazersResolution 10: Shop and Save
Everyone assumes that there is a ridiculous price tag associated to dressing well. 2013 is the year to dispel that rumor. You can be fashionable by shopping smart and saving money. Start scanning the sales racks and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Another option is shopping thrift stores, vintage shops and Ebay for unique pieces. Get creative and we promise, you’ll look savvy at an affordable price.

Happy New Years!

Your Bows-N-Ties Team