November 19, 2014

Men’s Interview Dress Code By Top Industries

The Men’s Interview Dress Chart By Industry

What To Wear To An Interview


Artwork by Cole Crossen

While unemployment rates are grabbing the headlines, we wanted to reboot, regroup and start thinking about landing jobs in the top six industries. The Top Industries for jobs are in Technology, Design, Sales, Government, Healthcare and Finance according to US Money News so we created a Job-Conscious Infographic exploring the styles + aesthetics of these workplaces.  Business Wear has evolved as fast as the world of technology, but somethings remain constant. If your are thinking of a job in Finance, Sales, Healthcare + Government, you will need to invest in ties, bow ties and suits. If you are leaning towards Technology + Design, you will be dressing in casual, chic pieces that do more to convey your personal aesthetic and your Company’s Culture than, what some call, an outdated protocol for professionalism. Take a look at our Visual Guide For Job Attire and get an insider’s view on what to expect from Day One. Over the next few days we will take a closer look at ‘job winning’ outfits and will give you some additional pointers on how to create each of these looks on a budget.

Your Bows-N-Tie Team


September 3, 2014

The Key Rules To Wearing A Suit

The Rules To Wearing a Suit

Whether than bore you with the rules of properly wearing a suit, we thought we would visualize it for you.  We have broken down the key rules to wearing a suit into seven paramount rules started from head to toe.

1. The Tie Width
The tie width should always be in proportion to the lapel of the suit jacket. You never want to be caught wearing a 3 – 3.5″ width tie with a slim lapel.

2. The Handkerchief
The handkerchief is a must when it comes to elevating your aesthetic to the next level. The handkerchief can add color and pattern to your entire look and also bring attention to your chest.

3. The Jacket
The jacket should fit your body type and curve in at the waist. The length of the jacket should never be longer than your knuckles otherwise it will look too big.

4. The Cuffs
The shirt cuffs should be 1/2″ longer than the cuff of the jacket sleeve. No shorter and no longer.

5. The Briefcase
Invest in a proper briefcase in leather or waxed cotton and save the backpacks for your weekends and your trips to the gym.

6. The Pants
The pants should be tailored and slim fitting. They should stop at the top of the shoe.

7. The Shoes
Your dress shoes should always be polished and they should coordinate with the color of your belt. Never wear a suit with a black belt and brown shoes.



August 21, 2014

Famous Men And Their Famous Bow Ties

A Chart Of The World’s Famous Bow Ties


Chart of Famous Bow Ties

We have compiled a chart that combines the world’s most famous bow ties from James Bond’s untied self tie bow to Jay Z’s oversized black tie bow tie.   Who knew that Humprey Bogart and Dragula had similar taste in bow ties?!   Big personalities also like Big Bow Ties – i.e. Jay Z, Karl Lagerfeld and Dr. Suess.  Children entertainers are inclined to wear red bow ties where comedians opt for polka dots.   How many of these famous bow ties were you able to recognize?

Your Bows-N -Ties Team

July 17, 2014

Learn The Basics of Menswear Fashion With Our Collar Chart

The Quintessential Chart For Men’s Dress Shirt Collars

Chart For Men's Collared Shirts


Navigating the world of fashion can be tricky but when in doubt, always have a handle on the basics.  We have illustrated a simple to follow Collar Chart of the nine most popular collar shirts. If you can remember and recognize these, you’re a step ahead of most.   Take a minute, to check these out and put them to memory. We’ve also picked out the best tie to wear with each collar type.

The Spread Collar has one of the widest openings so it should be paired with a standard width tie and tied in a Half-Windsor or Windsor knot.   We recommend our Glen Check Tie.

The Classic Collar pairs well with just about anything and is your most versatile collar option. We recommend our Navy and Silver Polka Dot Tie.

The Button Down Collar is the most casual of all the shirt collars and should be worn with a blazer but never a suit.  We recommend a Worsted Wool Skinny Tie.

The Mandarin Collar should never be worn with a tie. This is a good fact to know for your next Trivia Night.

The Pinned Collar adds extra oomph to a tie and has a very traditional aesthetic. We recommend pairing this collar with a regal and ornate tie like this Autumn Hued Paisley Necktie.

The Wing Tip Collar is the most formal of the collar family and should be paired with a bow tie. We recommend the classic Self Tie Black Tie.

The Tab Collar is an old school collar that gives added rise to the tie much like the Pin Collar. We recommend going with a refined and texture silk tie like this Dark Navy Silk Tie.  James Bond wear a Tab Collar and when he does, he pairs with a textured navy tie.

The Club Collar has a retro look and pairs well with skinny ties. We recommend this slim cut knit tie in ivy green.

The Contrast Collar makes a very dapper fashion statement and should be paired with a power tie. We recommend the Striped Tie In Navy and White.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

March 11, 2014

Featured Tie Of The Week – Blue Diamonds

Look Ultra Dapper With This Diamond Patterned Tie

Dapper Streetwear Look With Tie

 Diamond Patterned Tie in Blue and Silver from Bows-N-Ties

Our Featured Tie of the Week is our acutely handsome Diamond Patterned Tie in Navy and Silver. Steven Onoja of Ostentation and Style styled our featured tie with his very talented ability to combine classic menswear pieces to create something utterly new and authentically all his.  This is a skill that is very much- easier said than done.  Onoja  paired this classic diamond patterned tie with a denim shirt, wool blazer, camel coat, broken in denim and a red baker boy hat.

Diamond Patterned Tie and Blazer

The range of color is unexpectedly superb.  We love the combination of camels, greens, and blues paired with the bright red hat and the eclectic collection of bold gold rings and the vintage silver tie bar.  The result of all these fashion components is nothing short of dapper.

Designer Blue and Silver Tie

The textured layers of wools and denims bring out the sharp and distinct pattern of the diamond tie which is made from a utilitarian microfiber that resists stains and wrinkles while mimicking the aesthetic and quality feel of silk.  Onoja put his distinct and impressive spin on this tie to show the vast possibilities of this particular design.  You can emulate this look or create one all of your own.   And if you are lost for ideas, this tie makes  the perfect accent accessory for a navy blue and / or gray suit.

Thank You to Stephen Onoja of Ostentation and Style for creating a brilliant look and capturing the versatility of this accessory.  We encourage all of you to check out his site for more fashion inspiration.  Also, thank you to Sasha Israel for her phenomenal photography in taking these shots.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team