January 23, 2015

To Dye For | Tie-Dye Patterned Ties

Tie Dye Patterned Tie in TurquoiseTie-Dye Tie in Turquoise Blue and CoralPrinted Tie Dye Patterned Tie in Blue + OrangePink + Purple Tie Dye Tie

As tie enthusiasts, we love it when we see a new style that hasn’t been done before. Take a look at this Spring Collection of Tie-Dye Striped Ties from the Cantucci Fashion House. These skinny ties are fashion savvy statement pieces that are modern, masculine and must have season pieces. Each tie is 2.25″ wide and is artisan crafted from silks from Como, Italy. Each color way is also available as a bow tie + pocket square so your tie dye options are endless. Next time you are feeling like putting an inventive spin on the striped tie, reach for one of these spectacular creations!  Shop the collection by clicking the images above. These limited edition designs are priced to sell at $29.90.

January 22, 2015


What Bow Tie Goes with Which Beard Style?


Friendly Mutton Chops: You’re a nice guy with a bristly bush of well-mannered mutton chops and a heart of gold. A classic butterfly bow tie in a height of 2″-3″ is a fine addition to your friendly face and will accent your man chops without distracting from their perfect symmetry.

French Split: Whether you’re a villain mastermind or simply love the mystique, this two-pronged beard gets the point across: Do Not Mess With Me. A pointed beard deserves an equally pointed bow tie, which runs much shorter than the average butterfly bow. Look for one that’s self-tie with a width of 1.5″-2.25″. Remember, other beards are probably scared of you, so don’t be afraid to choose something in 100% silk with a bold design, like polka-dots or medallions.

Chin Curtain: If you’re not an old-fashioned rancher type, you certainly like to give off that impression. We don’t blame you! The Midwestern farmhand look is gaining popularity, and you could well be ahead of this year’s biggest trend. By accentuating your chin beard with a self-tie western bow tie in any dark hue, you can sleep in past the cawing hour and keep your cushy tech job while maintaining that early-Americana allure.

Lumberjack: So you want to be a lumberjack, but flannel shirts just don’t flatter your frame? Lucky for you the dapper “lumbersexual” is the hottest male trend of the season. Equal parts grizzly woodsman and European dandy, the lumbersexual can swing an ax just as well as he can match his cotton socks with a linen pocket square. This full beard should be paired with a club bow tie in a plaid pattern woven from either cotton, wool, or linen.

Goat-T: If you’re sporting a goat-t, people expect you to supply the party. Show them you’re serious about fun with a jumbo butterfly bow tie made from silk or velvet. This statement piece should have a height of 3″-4″ and be reserved for your very best three-piece suits.


December 29, 2014

Menswear Style Guide to New Year’s Eve 2014

The Style Guide For What Tux To Wear For NYE 2014

Men's Style Guide for Tuxedos

The countdown to New Year’s Eve 2014 is on and it’s time to strategize your NYE attire. You can’t go wrong with wearing a tuxedo, black bow tie + white pocket square.  We have picked out five of the best tuxedos and created five of the best Menswear New Year’s Eve looks. Close out this year with panache, style + personality. Whether you want to look old world debonair in navy blue velvet or punchy in a tartan plaid, we have the inspirational looks for you. Each of these formal ensembles will set the stage for one of the best night’s you’ll ever have in 2014!  No matter what you choose to wear, celebrate safely and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team



December 24, 2014

Check Shirt, Designer Paisley Tie + Pink Tie Bar Combo

Paisley Skinny Necktie and Purple Plaid Shirt

Italian Wool Paisley Tie from Blackbird for $39.90

Matte Pink Tie Bar from Bows-N-Ties for $9.95

Red + Blue Check Shirt from Twillory for $79.00

Recreate this stellar + colorful combo from last week’s Bows-N-Ties X Twillory Menswear Giveaway. This fashion forward combination is fiercely innovative in color, pattern + texture. The blue and red check shirt from Twillory is an outstanding spread collar shirt made from the very best Egyptian cottons. We love the juxtaposition of the check shirt and the artisan paisley tie made from Italian wools. To complete the look and bring all the elements together, accessorize with a matte pink tie bar.


December 22, 2014

Tattersall Shirt, Plaid Tie + Yellow Tie Bar Combo

Plaid Tie + Check Shirt in Blue

Trendy Plaid Cotton Tie from Blackbird – $18.90

Yellow Tie Bar from Bows-N-Ties – $9.95

Tattersall Shirt in Blue + Green from Twillory – $79.00

In case you didn’t win our Twillory Giveaway, we wanted to break down each of the combos for you so that you too can have these savvy looks.  This particular combo is wildly hip with a New England edge.  The slim plaid tie is made from cotton, giving it a lightweight casualness that is ideal for warm weather fashion. The tattersall shirt made by Twillory is exquisitely crafted from Egyptian/Sea Island cotton and is impressively versatile. To complete the look and give it a coveted uniqueness, accessorize with a bright matte yellow tie bar.