April 22, 2014

Featured Wedding Color – Horizon Blue

Expand Your Horizons With A Horizon Blue Hued Wedding

Horizon Blue Wedding Ideas

Horizon Blue is a high definition blue that is remarkably stunning and ideal for saying your “I Do’s.” This naturalistic shade is an ideal color option for Beach Weddings and Outdoor Venues and pairs beautifully with whites, creams, tans, and grays.  We think that whoever made the rules: “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” forgot to mention that it should be something Horizon Blue.  Grooms and Brides can both agree that horizon blue is a sensational color that looks fabulous on everyone.  We recommend having the groomsmen accessorizing in horizon blues that match the blues of the bridesmaid dresses.   A few of our most popular Horizon Blue accessories are featured below.  You can also find more inspiration by checking out our Wedding Inspiration Board for Horizon Blue.


Menswear Accessories In Horizon Blue

Striped Tie in Blues

Horizon Blue Tie

Bow Tie in Horizon Blue

Geometric Patterned Bow Tie in Blues


Your Bows-N-Ties Team

April 14, 2014

Featured Wedding Color – Chocolate

Chocolate Makes For A Divine + Delicious Wedding Hue

Chocolate Hued Wedding Inspiration

Chocolate Browns make for a decadent wedding hue whether you are planning a rustic outdoor celebration or an indoor formal affair.  Chocolate pairs exquisitely well with ivories and whites and adds a richness and depth to any occasion.  For an outdoor wedding setting,  have the groomsmen wear light brown suits with dark brown ties and pocket squares that coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses. Also, incorporate distressed wood and perhaps use your dog as the ring bearer. How adorable is that?!  For formal occasions, we recommend a chocolate brown tux with a chocolate brown bow tie and white pocket square.   Indulge in the riches of having a chocolate and white themed wedding.  For more ideas on groomsmen accessories and wedding ideas for Chocolate Hued Weddings, check out our Pinterest Board.   Here are some of our most popular chocolate hued accessories.

Chocolate Hued Ties


Chocolate Brown Bow Tie

Polka Dot Tie in Chocolate 

Striped Chocolate Brown Tie

Handmade Boutonniere at Etsy

Chocolate Brown Pocket Square

Your Bows-N-Ties Team





April 10, 2014

Featured Wedding Color – Lavender

Lavender and Love Go Hand in Hand

Lavendar Wedding Ideas

Love and Lavender go hand in hand!  We have hand selected some of our favorite lavender wedding ideas and images from a bewitching lavender lace dress to a vintage bicycle for the bride and groom to make their grand exit.  Lavender is a wistful color that is both enchanting and rustic, making it an ideal wedding color option -especially for outdoor weddings.  Imagine saying your “I Do’s” in a field of blooming lavender.

Most gentleman aren’t accustomed to dressing in lavender, which is a bit disappointing, because it pairs exceedingly well with menswear fabrics and colors. We have picked out a few of our favorite lavender menswear accessories that are simply perfect for a wedding party from the groom to the groomsmen to the father of the bride. You can also check out our Lavender Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Men's Lavender Accessories for Weddings

DIY  Lapel Pins Made From Fresh Lavender

Madras Plaid Bow Tie

Lavender Hued Pocket Squares

Lavender and White Striped Tie

Check Patterned Lavender Tie

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

April 2, 2014

Wedding Inspiration For Lemon Yellow

A Fresh Squeeze of Lemon Can Make The Perfect Wedding Palette

Lemon Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Make Lemonade out of Lemons this wedding season and infuse a heavy dose of Bright Yellow into your Wedding Party +  Wedding Venue.  This enthusiastic and lovable hue is guaranteed to induce smiles from anyone and everyone.  Yellow is a gender neutral color that both men and women alike can look good in and it makes for the perfect accent color to proper whites, gray, and navy blues.  From yellow lace veils to argyle yellow socks, lemon yellow makes a robust + colorful statement.  Go bold with your yellow accessories.  A few of our favorite groomsmen neckties are:

Solid Yellow Tie  Lemon Yellow Striped Tie  Lemon Yellow Textured Tie  Lemon Yellow Skinny Tie

Solid Yellow Necktie 

Striped Yellow and White Necktie

Lemon Yellow Textured Tie

Skinny Lemon Yellow Necktie

And don’t forget about the option of  yellow bow ties and matching yellow handkerchiefs which has a customer review rating of 5/5.

Your Bow-N-Ties Team





March 25, 2014

Wedding Inspiration for Aqua Blue

Make Your Wedding Pop With A Palette of Aqua Blues

Aqua Blue Wedding Ideas

Say Yes to The Color Aqua. This wishful hue is a dynamic color that makes the perfect accent color for a wedding celebration.  This powerful color can’t quite be called a blue or classified as a proper green but rather holds a hue all its own. It is charming, soothing and utterly captivating!  Aqua works well with a range of colors from soft metallic silvers to muted peaches and ivories to dark grays and navy blues.  Opting for aqua in your wedding will give you more pairing options that you ever dreamed imaginable. We specialize in the world of color matching and accessorizing when it comes to the grooms and groomsmen.  If you are entertaining the thought of saying Your Do’s in Aqua, we have a few ties that we think you will adore.  You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to pick out the accessories just for you.  For more Aqua ideas, visit our Aqua Inspiration Pinterest Board.

Aqua Blue For You

Bright Mint Green Necktie 

Mens Striped Tie in Aqua Marine

Geometric Bow Tie in Aquas

Your Bows-N-Ties Team