August 25, 2014

Clover Wedding Inspiration For Grooms and Groomsmen

Groomsmen Accessories For Clover Green

You don’t need the Luck of The Irish to have your Groom and Groomsmen looking dapper and debonair in Clover Green. We have handpicked some of the best ties and accessories to wear for your Clover Green Wedding so that everyone is happy, handsome and properly hued.  Clover Green is a luscious and refreshing shade of green that pairs well with tans, whites, creams and silvers.  Here are some of our favorite Clover Green compilations for The Groom and The Groomsmen. For more ideas, check out our Clover Green Wedding Pinterest Board.

Striped Clover Green and Tan Ties

 Striped Tie in Green and Tan  |   Clover Green Pocket Square  |  Italian Silk Bow Tie in Champagne

Patterned Clover Green Ties For Groomsmen

Green Tartan Plaid Bow Tie   |   Clover Green Skinny Tie

Textured Clover Green Ties

Solid Green Textured Tie   |   Platinum Silver Tie

Designer Clover Green Bow Tie

Clover Green Bow Tie  |  Designer Silk Tie With Diamonds

Your Bows-N-Ties Team


August 14, 2014

Grape Purple Groom & Groomsmen Tie Inspiration


Grape is a bold and bright purple hue that will always make a statement. Depending on how you accent this hue with other shades it can nicely complement any occasion, setting, and season. For a luxe and royal look we love seeing grape paired with gold. Ivory and soft off-white accents are great if you are going for a more romantic, elegant look. Other great accent colors are lavender, lilac, and grays tones for the Fall, as well as cheerful pastels such as yellow, peach, and rose in the Spring.

When it comes to your groom & groomsmen attire, grape is a perfect color for their accessories such as ties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres. Below our stylist created 4 handsomely stylish wedding tie inspiration for the boys.

Ties shown above: Purple Striped Ties for the Groomsmen + Purple Pin Dot Bow Tie for the Groom

Ties shown above: Trendy Purple Knitted Skinny Tie for the Groomsmen + Bright Purple Bow Tie for the Groom

Ties shown above: Polka Dot Tie in Purple and Silver with Matching Pocket Square for the Groomsmen + Ivory Silk Tie and Pocket Square for the Groom

Ties shown above: Purple Paisley Tie for the Groomsmen + Champagne Wedding Tie for the Groom

July 29, 2014

Expert Wedding Advice On Radiant Orchid Weddings

The Five Tips To Creating A Radiant Orchid Inspired Wedding

We are thrilled to have Christina Caruso of Chistina Caruso Wedding & Events as our Featured Guest Blogger. She gives us her 5 Tips for A Radiant Orchid Inspired Wedding ranging from determining your “color” personality to thinking outside the box with the fine details.  Earlier this year, we did a post on Radiant Orchid Style for Groom & Groomsmen and are thrilled to be expanding our scope and understanding of Radiant Orchid.  And now we introduce to you, Christina Caruso!

Wedding Inspiration for Radiant Orchid

Hi All. Thank you for having us by to chat about Pantone’s “Color of the Year”, Radiant Orchid.

Here at Christina Caruso Weddings & Events we love color! Color is what brings life to every event and creates a unique fingerprint and magical spark setting your event apart from all the others. Nothing gets us more excited than truly amazing design. A strong design and color concept are the mark of a really exceptional event.

Pantone’s 2014 color of the year is the ever so vibrant, Radiant Orchid. We’ve been seeing it pop up all over the wedding scene, and of course in fashion. This show-stopping color definitely holds its own, but it can be tricky to determine how to pair it well with other colors effectively. Here are a few tips to guide you to the perfect color match.

Radiant Orchid

1. Determine Your Color “Personality” 
Radiant Orchid is a very multi-dimensional hue. With undertones of fuchsia, purple and pink, it has amazing versatility. In it’s lighter tones it is charming and joyful, bringing an air of whimsy and romance. As the shades deepen you get amazingly lush tones that are sultry, confidant and mysteriously captivating.

casual and formal weddings in radiant orchid

2. Identify Your Level of Formality 
Because Radiant Orchid is so versatile, it lends itself to both formal and informal events. For an event filled with fun, playful touches try pairing it with mints, corals or tangerines. If you’re hosting a more formal affair, pairing Radiant Orchid with golds, delicate peaches or deep plums will create drama in a sophisticated, regal way.

Radiant Orchid Flowers

3. Show Restraint 
This is one of our favorite pieces of advise for our clients. Color can be so exciting that you just want to use it from floor to ceiling in every possible nook and cranny. We know – it’s tempting! While rules are made to be broken, we are firm believers in “negative space” or “white space”. Especially when you are using bold colors, incorporating breathing room by using neutrals can really bring everything together in a harmonious way. The right neutrals bring a sense of effortless elegance to any color palette. This can even be done with one of our favorite hot trends, ombre, which by nature, incorporates whites and ivories. In fact, don’t be afraid to fip-flop your palette and go all neutral with carefully selected focal points of color for an ultra refined look.

Radiant Orchid Paired With Gold


4. Use Seasonal Pairings 
Here are a few of our favorite Radiant Orchid pairings incorporating seasonal inspiration.
In Spring and Summer we love to see this lovely purple paired with pastels, like soft yellows, greens and peachy pinks.In Fall and Winter you can really take advantage of its richness, pairing it with golds, oranges, emerald greens and berry tones.

Wedding Accent Colors in Radiant Orchid

5. Design the Details
So where do I actually put all this color, you ask? Of course flowers are the obvious answer, but for those who like to think outside the box a bit, we suggest pops of color in unexpected places. Details like a beautifully designed menu, colored glassware or place settings, and attire accessories are great choices.

Thanks for having us and happy designing,

We want to thank Christina for her insightful and creative post on Radiant Orchid!  We’re ready to pick this as our favorite wedding hue!  Check out more about Chistina Caruso Wedding & Events on her website. And don’t forget to check out our Radiant Orchid Pinterest Board for more inspirational ideas for the grooms and groomsmen accessories in radiant orchid.  We have an array of Radiant Orchid Menswear accessories that are perfect for any wedding  -especially yours.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

July 22, 2014

Featured Wedding Story – A True Blue Love Story

Take A Peek At Janis and Jesse’s True Blue Wedding

Groom in Aqua Tie and Pocket Square

It’s official!  Janis and Jesse tied the knot in complete style. These two lovebirds were destined to be together. In fact, Jesse’s stepdad who worked with Janis, suggested that they would be great together.  -And he was right!  Jesse won Janis over instantly  upon meeting her with his fun and outgoing je ne sais quoi!  These two got married in Pointe-Claire in Quebec, Canada and picked a palette of Nautical Hues including navy blue bridesmaid dresses and bright aqua blue accessories. Did we mention that these two love to sail?!  They sailed the Greek Islands for the their Honeymoon.   We asked Janis what her favorite part about the wedding and she said “I really loved the walk down the church aisle with my dad. I also loved the beautiful speeches, the fun dancing and being with everyone I love. So hard to pick my favorite moment. But I did like the look in Jesse eyes when he saw me at the church!”     


Bridal Party Dressed in Blue

Meet the Wedding Party. We love that the groomsmen are holding the flower bouquets.


Groom and Bride with Family

We love this photo of the happy couple surrounded by family.


Groomsmen in Blue Ties

The groom and groomsmen are wearing Bows-N-Ties neckties and pocket squares!

Bride and Her Dad in Striped Tie from BNT

The Bride and Her Father!  Janis’ Dad is a stroke survivor who worked on his walk for a year so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle. I know, we teared up too.


The Ringbearer Looking Cute in a Tie

Our hearts melted with this photo of the ringer bearer and flower girl.

Bride and Groom Dressed in Bows-N-Ties

A big congratulations to this happy couple!

Thank you to Janis and Jesse for sharing your special day with us. Also, we would like to credit the Photographer Juno Photo for the great photographs.  We are so very flattered that the entire wedding party was wearing Bows-N-Ties accessories!

Grooms Tie and Pocket Square

Groomsmen Ties and Pocket Squares

Ring Bearer Tie

Father of The Bride Tie

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

July 15, 2014

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Magic

Dream & Believe Event Planning Gives Their Secrets To Wedding Hues

This week, we have the honor of Babara Boylorn of Dream & Believe Event Planning giving her insight and ideas on The Featured Wedding Color Palette of Tangerine and Turquoise. As Ms. Boylorn points out, the twenty first century has revolutionized weddings in every imaginable way from color, to theme, to exotic locals, to completely unexpected color palettes.   This reinvented notion of weddings has added a world of possibility to brides and grooms.  Today, we are featuring the bold and beautiful color combination of Tangerines and Turquoises.  These two bright and brazen hues work wonders together and create a mood of elation, merriment and boundless love. Check out the spectacular aesthetic of these two colors together.

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to adding color to a wedding theme, focus on bouquets and accessories. Ms. Boylorn picked out some her favorite accessories for grooms and groomsmen to wear in Tangerine and in Turquoise.

Turquoise Blue Wedding Tie  Striped Wedding Tie in Turquoise  Turquoise Tie With Wave  Bow Tie in Turquoise

Solid Tie in Turquoise   |   Striped Tie in Turquoise   |   Organic Textured Tie in Turquoise  | Bow Tie Turquoise

Skinny Tie in Tangerine Orange   Linen Tangerine Patterned Pocket Square  Designer Tangerine Bow Tie  Tangerine Striped Tie


Tie in Bright Tangerine   |   Orange Patterned Pocket Square   | Tangerine Patterned Bow Tie   |   Tangerine Striped Tie

Thank you to Barbara Boylorn for sharing her creative wedding insight into one of the season’s most unexpected and most successful wedding color combinations.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team