November 25, 2014

Wedding Color Inspiration For Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Groomsmen Accessories

Our Featured Wedding Color is the exquisite + chic shade of Midnight Blue. This fabulous shade of blue is the darkest that blue can go before becoming Jet Black. It is a powerful hue that really captures the nuances of sophistication, elegance and unquestionable style.  Imagine the pure delightful decadence of midnight blue tuxedos, lace dresses and brightly hued floral bouquets. Midnight Blue has become the pioneer color of Autumn + Winter Weddings for 2014 so we decided to give it the headlines it deserves!  Check out our Pinterest Board for additional ideas and in the meantime, we have hand selected the best of the best in groomsmen accessories in tones of Midnight Blue.

Best Groomsmen Accessories in Midnight Blue


Top Row: Pin Dot Tie in Midnight Blue   |  Pin Dot Bow Tie in Midnight Blue  | Pin Dot Pocket Square in Blue

Middle Row: Midnight Blue Striped Tie  |  Midnight Blue + Bronze Pocket Square  |  Textured Tie in Midnight Blue

Bottom Row: Solid Midnight Handkerchief  |  Solid Midnight Blue Tie  |  Midnight Blue Paisley Bow Tie

November 18, 2014

Wedding Color Inspiration for Beach Glass

We Can’t Think Of Anything More Lovely Than A Beach Wedding in Beach Glass Greens + Blues

Ideas + Guide for Beach Glass Wedding Planning

This Week’s Featured Wedding Color is Beach Glass that encompasses the lovely shades of Ocean Blues + Greens that we all dream about. If you have always envisioned your special day to be on the beach, surrounded by sand with waves crashing, Beach Glass is the hue for you.  Beach Venue Weddings have a sense of wild wonderment that only nature can give you. Embrace that charm and use shells, succulents, and actual beach glass in your wedding decor and you will be mesmerized at how easily it all comes together. Our wedding stylist, who is always dreaming of Beach Weddings, picked out her favorite Beach Glass Hued menswear accessories for grooms and groomsmen including ties, bow tie and pocket squares.  Enjoy!

Groomsmen Ties, Pocket Squares in Beach Glass

Top Row:    Light Blue Tie  | Striped Tie in Beach Glass | Striped Bow Tie

Middle Row:   Bow Tie in Mints  |  Plaid Bow Tie in Greens  |  Pin Dot Pocket Square in Blues

Last Row:  Aruba Blue Tie  |  Plaid Tie in Blues | Multi-Blue Striped Tie



November 13, 2014

Wedding Color Inspiration For Dark Cove

The Best Wedding Looks in Dark Cove

Dark Cove Wedding Inspiration

This Week’s Featured Wedding Color is this enchanting shade of Dark Cove Blue by J.Crew.  This creative hue puts a glam twist on your classic shade of Navy and makes a charming statement of style for bridesmaids and groomsmen alike. If you are thinking of going true blue with your wedding day,  Dark Cove is sure to  bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on having menswear accessories in every hue imaginable and that holds true with Dark Cove. Our wedding stylist pulled together our most popular pieces to inspire you below.  You can always see more inspiration on our Pinterest Board completely dedicated to Dark Cove Weddings.

Menswear Accessories For Dark Cove Weddings

Top Row: Solid Blue Tie  |  Polka Dot Tie In Blue + Silver | Navy + Silver Necktie

Middle Row: Dark Cove Bow Tie  |  Dark Cove Pocket Square | Striped Tie in Blues

Bottom Row: Pin Dot Bow Tie in Blue  |  White + Blue Pocket Square |  Tonal Striped Tie

November 10, 2014

NEW Floral Wedding Paisley Collection

Wedding Paisley Neckties

While the wedding season is still months away, our design team has used the “off wedding season” to create several new wedding neckwear collections. One of our favorite new designs is this featured floral paisley – an elegant collection of monochromatic paisley ties in array of 17 popular wedding colors, each for just $14.90. Click on your color below:

November 6, 2014

Wedding Color Inspiration For Vivid Poppy

Wedding Inspiration For The Color Poppy

This week’s featured wedding color is the Vibrant + Vivacious Vivid Poppy!  This outrageously stylish color pops with panache and makes any wedding a wild success.  This statement hue is a combination of orange and red, making it an ideal color option for Summer + Spring Weddings. Let this enthusiastically cheerful color shine by pairing it with whites, tans and grays.  We had our Wedding Stylist pick out her top six favorite menswear accessories that coordinate with J.Crew’s Vivid Poppy.  Any one of these six accessories would be absolutely stunning for a Vivid Poppy Wedding. Also, check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to inspire you with your Vivid Poppy Wedding plans.

Wedding Neckties in Vivid Poppy

First Row: Pin Dot Tie in Vivid Poppy  |  Mens Pocket Square in Vivid Poppy  |  Solid Tie in Poppy

Second Row: Summer Stripe Tie in Poppy  | Bright Poppy Tie  | Textured Tie in Vivid Poppy