January 21, 2015

Wedding Color Inspiration – Purple

Wedding / Groomsmen Ideas for Purple

Spice up your special day by picking a Palette of Purples as your Wedding Color. This extraordinary color is fascinatingly regal and gorgeously complex. It can be used as a powerful accent color or as the primary color to play with.  We love the aesthetic of tonal purples + plums + blues being paired together to create something absolutely MARVELOUS. Be sure to see our collection of favorite ideas on our Wedding Color Inspiration Board – Purple.


Groomsmen Ties in Purples

Solid Tie in Purple  |  Textured Stripe Purple Tie   |  White + Grape Striped Tie

Purple + Silver Polka Dot Tie    |  Metallic Purple Tie   |  Designer Purple Tie

January 14, 2015

Featured Wedding Color – Silver + Blue

How To Accessorize a Blue + Silver Wedding

2015 is off to a phenomenal start with new trends emerging!  The newest Wedding Trend we are seeing is the classically chic color combination of Blues and Silvers being used in new and creative ways from navy blue sequin dresses, to navy blue wool groomsmen accessories to silver high heels! No matter what season you imagine for your wedding, a combination of blues and silvers could be the perfect color palette for you.  Metallic silvers add a tasteful dose of glam to that “Something Blue”  – no matter what blue hue you choose.  We have pulled together an assortment of our most popular Blue and Silver Wedding Ties for 2015. Also, check out our Pinterest Board for Blue + Silver Wedding Inspiration Ideas.

Groomsmen Ties in Blue and Silver

Navy and Silver Striped Tie   |    Polka Dot Tie in Navy

Flower Tie in Blue and Silver   |    Prince of Wales Tie

Pin Dot Bow Tie in Silver   |   Diamond Tie in Blues

      Silver Gingham Tie    |   Glen Check Tie in Silver + Blue

January 8, 2015

Wedding Color Inspiration for Burgundy

Ideas for Burgundy Weddings

Burgundy is a dramatic + regal Wedding Hue that is sure to capture the richness and fullness of your special day.  This Autumn / Winter Shade is quickly becoming the most popular color of 2015 with its signature demure aesthetic. This power hue pairs well with a plethora of light and dark colors including tans, navy blues, graphite grays, blacks and glamorous golds!  We have created a Pinterest Board to collect the endless possibilities of planning a Burgundy Hued Wedding from flower bouquets to color pairings to groomsmen accessories. Our Wedding Specialist advises to keep it simple with this rich hue and stick to solids, textures and classic patterns. Wedding Ties + Bows Ties in Burgundy

First Row:  Skinny Wool Tie  |  Self Tie Bow Tie in Wool  | Paisley Tie in Burgundy

Middle Row:  Textured Burgundy Silk Tie   |   Polka Dot Tie in Burgundy     |   Solid Burgundy Tie

Last Row:  Burgundy Bow Tie   |   Pencil Striped Tie in Burgundy  |  Gingham Wool Bow Tie

January 1, 2015

Winter Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Best Winter Weddings

There is something utterly enchanting about a Winter Wedding with snowfall, intimate fireplace celebrations, lace gowns and winter bouquets. If you have your mind set on an intimate wedding, a Winter Wedding might be perfect for you. There is an organic grace to sticking to a natural palette of chestnut browns, ivories, charcoal grays and blacks.  Check out the array of Winter Wedding Ideas on our Winter Weddings on our Pinterest Board.  You’ll be dazzled by the clever DIY ideas, the venue options and the gowns.  And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the Groomsmen! Our Wedding Specialist picked out her absolute must have Winter Wedding Accessories for Groomsmen for their color, texture + style. Enjoy!

Ties For Winter Weddings

Ivory Striped Bow Tie  |   Paisley Tie in Creams  |  Polka Dot Tie in Sand

Designer Tie in Black + Copper  |  Wool Tie in Espresso Brown  |  Dark Brown Striped Tie

Pencil Stripe Wool Tie  |  Black Bow Tie  |  Knit Black Tie

December 9, 2014

Color of The Year Wedding Ideas – Marsala

Wedding Ideas For Planning A Marsala Hued Wedding

Marsala Wedding Inspiration

Marsala has been announced as the Color of The Year 2015 by Pantone this week, making it our Featured Wedding Color! This bold statement hue is a sophisticated and brazen color combination of rich burgundies and earth-tone browns.  Complex and stylish, Marsala is a fantastic wedding hue for Winter + Autumn Weddings as it enriches anything and everything including your wedding day. We have picked out some of our most fashionable Marsala Hued Ties for you.  Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest Inspiration Board for Marsala.

Groomsmen Accessories in Marsala

Top Row: Solid Tie in Marsala  |  Gingham Tie in Marsala  |  Wool Skinny Tie in Marsala

Middle Row:  Paisley Tie in Marsala  | Emblem Bow Tie   | Large Gingham Tie

Bottom Row: Textured Marsala Bow Tie   |   Plaid Tie   |    Tartan Plaid Pocket Square