July 17, 2014

NEW Silk Glen Checks by Parsley

Typically only seen on suits, the glen check pattern is a classic design that can be found in any gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a sophisticated pattern dating back to the early 18 hundreds, first used on wool and tweed hunting jackets in the Scottish highlands. While still popular on suits, sport coats, and vests, neckwear designer Parsley decided to feature this classic pattern on one of their new silk tie collections. The designer used some of the finest silk thread for this collection – allowing for one of the most intricate fabric weaves that we have ever come across. Available in 3 colors that feature a classic charcoal and silver base with accents in either sky blue, cherry, and beige. These pieces look fantastic when worn with cardigans (as shown above), sport coats, V-necks, and modern 3-piece suits. Available in these for colors for just $24.90:


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Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team

Learn The Basics of Menswear Fashion With Our Collar Chart

The Quintessential Chart For Men’s Dress Shirt Collars

Chart For Men's Collared Shirts


Navigating the world of fashion can be tricky but when in doubt, always have a handle on the basics.  We have illustrated a simple to follow Collar Chart of the nine most popular collar shirts. If you can remember and recognize these, you’re a step ahead of most.   Take a minute, to check these out and put them to memory. We’ve also picked out the best tie to wear with each collar type.

The Spread Collar has one of the widest openings so it should be paired with a standard width tie and tied in a Half-Windsor or Windsor knot.   We recommend our Glen Check Tie.

The Classic Collar pairs well with just about anything and is your most versatile collar option. We recommend our Navy and Silver Polka Dot Tie.

The Button Down Collar is the most casual of all the shirt collars and should be worn with a blazer but never a suit.  We recommend a Worsted Wool Skinny Tie.

The Mandarin Collar should never be worn with a tie. This is a good fact to know for your next Trivia Night.

The Pinned Collar adds extra oomph to a tie and has a very traditional aesthetic. We recommend pairing this collar with a regal and ornate tie like this Autumn Hued Paisley Necktie.

The Wing Tip Collar is the most formal of the collar family and should be paired with a bow tie. We recommend the classic Self Tie Black Tie.

The Tab Collar is an old school collar that gives added rise to the tie much like the Pin Collar. We recommend going with a refined and texture silk tie like this Dark Navy Silk Tie.  James Bond wear a Tab Collar and when he does, he pairs with a textured navy tie.

The Club Collar has a retro look and pairs well with skinny ties. We recommend this slim cut knit tie in ivy green.

The Contrast Collar makes a very dapper fashion statement and should be paired with a power tie. We recommend the Striped Tie In Navy and White.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

July 16, 2014

See Our New Madras Plaid Tie in Action

Chris Nicholas of Bold Creative Shows Us How To Wear Madras

Summer Madras Necktie

This week, Chris Nicholas of Bold Creative shows us how he wears our new Light Blue Madras Skinny Tie.   He creatively teams this designer skinny tie with a light blue spread collar dress shirt,  an unexpected pink tie bar,  a dark denim jacket and burgundy cotton trousers.

Casual Summer Menswear Style Madras Plaid

This dynamic combination creates a covetable style that mixes posh accessories with staple basics. Mr. Nicholas can wear this savvy and functional getup straight from an outdoor brunch to an investor’s meeting.

Menswear Summer Shoes

Nicholas’ Summer Style is something to take note of!  He uses the small details to make big fashion statements.  He coordinated his shoe laces with the pink tie bar. Check out more of his style bravado by following him on Instagram.

You can also purchase this Madras Plaid Tie for 39.90.  It is a dapper accessory from the Blackbird Summer Collection and is artisan woven from 75% cotton and 25% silk. This is also a sneak gander at our coming collection of modern hued tie bars in eighteen colors that will be on sale next week!

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July 15, 2014

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Magic

Dream & Believe Event Planning Gives Their Secrets To Wedding Hues

This week, we have the honor of Babara Boylorn of Dream & Believe Event Planning giving her insight and ideas on The Featured Wedding Color Palette of Tangerine and Turquoise. As Ms. Boylorn points out, the twenty first century has revolutionized weddings in every imaginable way from color, to theme, to exotic locals, to completely unexpected color palettes.   This reinvented notion of weddings has added a world of possibility to brides and grooms.  Today, we are featuring the bold and beautiful color combination of Tangerines and Turquoises.  These two bright and brazen hues work wonders together and create a mood of elation, merriment and boundless love. Check out the spectacular aesthetic of these two colors together.

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to adding color to a wedding theme, focus on bouquets and accessories. Ms. Boylorn picked out some her favorite accessories for grooms and groomsmen to wear in Tangerine and in Turquoise.

Turquoise Blue Wedding Tie  Striped Wedding Tie in Turquoise  Turquoise Tie With Wave  Bow Tie in Turquoise

Solid Tie in Turquoise   |   Striped Tie in Turquoise   |   Organic Textured Tie in Turquoise  | Bow Tie Turquoise

Skinny Tie in Tangerine Orange   Linen Tangerine Patterned Pocket Square  Designer Tangerine Bow Tie  Tangerine Striped Tie


Tie in Bright Tangerine   |   Orange Patterned Pocket Square   | Tangerine Patterned Bow Tie   |   Tangerine Striped Tie

Thank you to Barbara Boylorn for sharing her creative wedding insight into one of the season’s most unexpected and most successful wedding color combinations.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

July 14, 2014

NEW Skinny Cotton Plaids


Now is your chance to add some new excitement to your summer look! All you need is one of these dapper new plaid summer ties by designer BlackBird. Handmade from a unique summer fabric consisting of 60% cotton and 40% silk, these piece are perfect for your summer linen and cotton button downs. In the picture above we paired the red & navy plaid tie with a italian linen dress shirt by J.Crew, colored chinos by Ralph Lauren, and one of our narrow green tie bars in grass green. This tie is currently available in the two colors shown below, and available for $18.90 here at Bows-N-Ties.com. Click on your favorite color combination below for more information.

Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team