August 26, 2014

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Did you know that only 1% of adult men know how to tie their own bow ties? After we learned this astonishing fact, we thought it would be time to create the ultimate bow tie tying guide. The instructions above will show you how to tie your bow tie in 9 simple steps. In case you need some more detail, here is some more information on each of the 9 steps shown above:

Step #1:
Lay the bow tie around your neck with one side hanging about 4 inches lower than the other.

Step #2:
Create a half knot using the longer side of the bow tie. Just like you do when tying your shoes.

Step #3:
Fold the shorter half of the bow tie over to create a symmetrical looking bow.

Step #4:
Pull the longer end of the bow tie over the bow you created in the previous step.

Step #5:
Pull the longer end down. Then pinch both ends of the half bow together and pull forward away from your body.

Step #6:
Pull the half bow tie to the side while pulling forward. You will be able to see a loop behind this half bow.

Step #7:
Pull the longer end of the bow tie through this loop. Make sure to only pull half of the long end through.

Step #8:
Pull the bow tie tight by putting a finger in each side of the loop. Then pull away from each other to spread the bow tie.

Step #9:
Pull down your collar and center the bow tie.

For more instructions, please also check out our Tie a Bow Tie Illustration.

August 25, 2014

Clover Wedding Inspiration For Grooms and Groomsmen

Groomsmen Accessories For Clover Green

You don’t need the Luck of The Irish to have your Groom and Groomsmen looking dapper and debonair in Clover Green. We have handpicked some of the best ties and accessories to wear for your Clover Green Wedding so that everyone is happy, handsome and properly hued.  Clover Green is a luscious and refreshing shade of green that pairs well with tans, whites, creams and silvers.  Here are some of our favorite Clover Green compilations for The Groom and The Groomsmen. For more ideas, check out our Clover Green Wedding Pinterest Board.

Striped Clover Green and Tan Ties

 Striped Tie in Green and Tan  |   Clover Green Pocket Square  |  Italian Silk Bow Tie in Champagne

Patterned Clover Green Ties For Groomsmen

Green Tartan Plaid Bow Tie   |   Clover Green Skinny Tie

Textured Clover Green Ties

Solid Green Textured Tie   |   Platinum Silver Tie

Designer Clover Green Bow Tie

Clover Green Bow Tie  |  Designer Silk Tie With Diamonds

Your Bows-N-Ties Team


August 21, 2014

Famous Men And Their Famous Bow Ties

A Chart Of The World’s Famous Bow Ties


Chart of Famous Bow Ties

We have compiled a chart that combines the world’s most famous bow ties from James Bond’s untied self tie bow to Jay Z’s oversized black tie bow tie.   Who knew that Humprey Bogart and Dragula had similar taste in bow ties?!   Big personalities also like Big Bow Ties – i.e. Jay Z, Karl Lagerfeld and Dr. Suess.  Children entertainers are inclined to wear red bow ties where comedians opt for polka dots.   How many of these famous bow ties were you able to recognize?

Your Bows-N -Ties Team

August 19, 2014

Our Featured Product – The Sangria Knit Tie

Chris Nicholas Looks Superb in Sangria

Sangria Tie and Business Wear

Sangria is the new color trend in menswear to try. It is tremendously bold and makes a brilliant accent color for your bright whites, your neutral grays and your dark navy blues.  Chris Nicholas shows shows us how to wear our popular Sangria Pink Knit Tie from our Spring Collection.

Sangria Knit Skinny Tie

Pair this vibrant necktie with a classic white button down shirt and a black tie bar. Mr. Nicholas opts to pair this tie with a pair of casual trousers to create a business casual aesthetic to be reckoned with.

How To Match Your Ties and Socks

We are absolutely enamored with how Mr. Nicholas coordinated patterned sangria socks with the sangria knit tie.  This look is spot on from head to toe! Thank you to Chris Nicholas for creating such a handsome and savvy look.


Your Bows-N-Ties Team


August 18, 2014

Our Featured Look – The Summer Suit By Ostentation & Style

Ostentation & Style Shows Us the Proper Way To Wear A Summer Suit

Summer Suit and Diamond Patterned Tie

Steven Onoja from Ostentation & Style shows us how to look tremendously dapper in a summer suit and our diamond patterned tie and pocket square. This timeless look wittingly allows you to look sharp and polished while beating the summer heat.

Tie Bar and Navy Diamond Patterned Tie     How to Wear a Summer Suit and Tie

The Diamond Pattern pairs well with the texture of the lightweight blue linen suit.  Mr. Onoja shows us the powers of accessorizing with his coordination of the tie, the tie bar, the pocket square and the straw hat.

Dapper Designer Diamond Patterned Tie

The summer suit is something that every gentleman should own. It allows you to navigate any event looking your very best whether it’s a day at Coney Island or a day at the office.

Diamond Patterned Tie and Linen Suit

Thank you to Steven Onoja for this week’s Featured Look. It makes us sentimental for Coney Island, Nathan’s Hot Dogs and rides on the ferris wheel. Check out more of Onoja’s great style ideas on his website Ostentation & Style.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team