November 4, 2014

Knit Tie Fashion Modeled By Steven Onoja

Create An Sharp Fall Look With The Perfect Sweater + Tie Combo

Steven Onoja is our Featured Look Of The Week in this sharp + chic Autumn Getup that combines a cardigan sweater with a tie, chinos and a fedora.  We admire the creativity and functionality of this hip look that can be worn just about anywhere on a cool Fall weekday and / or weekend.  Mr. Onoja caught our attention some time ago with his savvy ability to accessorize and layer menswear pieces and he continues to impress us with every new look he puts together  Our hats off to this fashion forward style that we can’t wait to emulate. Find out more about this outfit and how you can have it below.

Fall Layered Look by Steven OnojaBlue Sweater + Tie Fashion StyleDesigner Tie and Cardigan StyleCardigan Sweater / Tie by Steven Onoja

Sweater by EFM for $368.00

Shirt by Twillery for $79.00

Tie by Blackbird for $18.90

Chinos by Victim & Co. for $118

Socks by Richer Poorer for $20

Shoes by Rainman for $125

Total = $728.90




November 3, 2014

The Evolution of the Gentleman


It is the same old question again: What came first the tux or the bow tie, the tie bar or the necktie, the cufflink or the dress shirt? Our intern did some research on the history of menswear and we decided to show off her research via an animation.
Let us take you back 5 million years when Apes (Simpex Plipickithus) were ruling planet earth until a very select few started to walk upright and discovered the power of using tools. These few became known as the Frumpious Furrious. These tall standing, harry beasts ruled over the apes for almost a million years. They continued to refine their tool making and eventually mastered the art of fabric making. In the early days, fabrics were used to create clothes and blankets designed solely for function. Eventually men started to put effort into decorating their garments for aesthetic purposes – an evolution that saw its heyday around 300 years ago when men started to use threads to make their own wigs, a group experts and historians refer to as Homo Rococo. While the Homo Rococos certainly had embellished wardrobes, their uptight nature made them very un-fun to be around. This changed dramatically around 50 years ago when man, then called Groovis Imbecilius, learned to proper party. But all the fun spend to disco caused man to sacrifice some of his style. It took yet another 50 years until he re-discovered what it means to dress well. Eventually Dapper Duditius was born.

October 31, 2014

New Collection of Designer Italian Paisley Ties

Introducing Our Handcrafted Italian Paisley Tie Collection

New Designer Paisley Tie Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our New Collection of  Designer Skinny Paisley Patterned Neckties handmade in Sicily, Italy by a world renowned artisan. This is our most luxurious line of neckties to date and we are overcome by these works of art. Each tie is made from pure wool woven by the BBC Jacquard in Como and hand printed with their intricate designs.  No detail was too small when it came to the design and craftsmanship of these paisley ties from the Blackbird Heritage Collection. The slim tailoring of this tie at 2.75″ wide gives them a modern + universal style that can pair with menswear suiting and menswear basics alike. Feast your eyes on the entire collection below. We will soon be introducing these designs as self tie bow ties, pre-tied bow ties and pocket squares.

Skinny Italian Paisley Red TieSkinny Paisley Tie in Blue and RedDesigner Paisley Tie in BurgundyItalian Paisley Wool Tie in Denim BlueItalian Paisley Tie in Bold OrangeTrendy Paisley Tie in Blues

First Row: Italian Wool Tie in Red + Blue  |  Italian Wool Tie in Blue + Red

Second Row: Italian Wool Paisley Tie in Merlot  | Italian Wool Paisley Tie in Denim Blue

Third Row:  Bright + Bold Paisley Tie  |  Trendy Italian Paisley in Blue

October 30, 2014

Chris Nicholas Models Our Scarf + Knit Tie

Take On Autumn With This Extra Dapper Look From The Dole Boy

Chris Nicholas continues to amaze us with his dapper + utilitarian menswear looks. Here we have Chris Nicholas, famous as The Dole Boy, showcasing the powers of layers in Autumn Fashion with our Men’s Patterned Silk Scarf and  Fall Gold Knit Tie. Check out more below. And don’t forget to follow The Dole Boy on Instagram!

Designer Italian Scarf + Gold Knit TieDesigner Fall Fashion From Bows-N-TiesRainy Day Fashion Ensemble - Dapper Knit TieSaddle Shoes and Patterned Socks Combo

Scarf  by Cantucci for $34.90

Knit Tie by Blackbird for $18.90

Saddle Shoes by Cole Haan for $198.00

Chinos by Topman for $50.00

Herringbone Stripe Shirt by Indochino for $169.00

Rain Coat by H&M for $75.00

October 29, 2014

Celebrity Look of The Week – Norman Reedus

Get This Daryl Dixon Look For $456.05 – The Bike Not Included

Daryl Dixon Fashion Style

Leather Trench Coat  – $274.99

Black Tie – $9.90

White Dress Shirt – $28.35

Denim –  $58.99

Black Leather Boots – $83.82

Total – $456.05

Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on the television hit The Walking Dead is our Featured Celebrity Look of The Week.  Reedus looks dapper + dangerous with this look that unexpectedly combines a black leather trench with denim jeans, a pressed white shirt, a black tie and biker boots. We don’t know about you, but we love this sharp and street smart look that fuses a biker look with classic menswear pieces.