January 10, 2014

Featured Wedding Palette – Mint + Gold

Say I Do in a Palette of Gorgeous Mints and Golds

Gold and Mint Wedding Colors

Your wedding, much like your love should be fresh, glamorous and utterly breathtaking. You can make that vision come true by choosing a wedding color palette of fabulous mints and golds.   The potential possibilities of this unexpected color combination are infinite.  These colors surpass all the standard limitations. They work wondrously for all seasons and themes whether you are inclined towards ranging from casual to formal, vintage to modern or eclectic to traditional.We love the pure innovation of the metallic golds paired with the understated mints.  It is in a word: ravishing!

Wedding in Mint and Gold

Mints and Golds look best paired up with classic whites and tonal grays and silvers.  We love the glamour and coolness of the Mint and Gold Color Palette and will venture to say that it is perhaps one of our all time favorites.

J Crew’s Soft Mint works brilliantly well with Bill Levkoff’s Gold if you’re looking for menswear accessory inspiration.   If you have any questions about finding the perfect menswear accessories for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are passionate about finding the perfect grooms and groomsmens’  pieces for every wedding party.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team


January 8, 2014

Debonair Style for Date Night

Date Night Style For Men

We can always use a little inspiration for Date Night, whether we’re married, dating or downright single.  The equation is fairly simple, make an effort with ideas, reservations and your appearance.  As simple as this sounds, we (so we’re told) drop the proverbial ball.  So our Look of the Week is the Bows-N-Ties take on Date Night.  You want to look polished, savvy, clean and of course debonair!   The fashion components you need are:

Black Dinner Jacket from Boss –  Currently on Sale for $355.
Big Star Slim Fit Jeans  -  $155
Ludlow Point Collar Shirt – $88
Gingham Tie - $24.90
White Pocket Square  -$4.95
Velvet Loafers by Mezlan Butler  - $164.99

All of these fashion components are staple pieces that you should own no matter what. What makes this look unique and date worthy is the creative combination of pieces. It is a fusion of black tie chic and denim casual.

Happy Dating.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

January 6, 2014

This Week’s Featured Collection – Textured Faux Leather Skinny Ties

Modern and Industrial Skinny Ties in Faux Leather

Faux Leather Skinny Tie

Vintage Leather in Purple Faux Leather in Burgundy Dark Brown Leather Skinny Tie Navy Faux Leather Gray Faux Leather Black Faux Leather

Add a masculine dose of texture and industrialism to your wardrobe with this dynamic collection of Weathered Faux Leather Skinny Ties in six striking colors.  This modern collection is from the highly renowned Blackbird Neckwear Design House that is famed for its creative use of texture and fabrics. These skinny ties are impressively handmade from a high performance microfiber that looks like weathered + vintage leather.

Available in Six Colors:
Rich Plum
Deep Burgundy
Dark Taupe
Midnight Blue
Stone Gray
Vintage Black

These contemporary ties embody a rustic menswear fashion ethos. They are savvy in their simplicity and rich in their uniqueness. The ties are two and a quarter inches wide at their very widest and instantly compliment a cardigan or thin lapel blazer or suit. Make a dramatically minimalistic fashion statement this season and don one of these brilliantly designed and crafted Textured Faux Leather Skinny Ties from Blackbird.  These multifaceted dark hues work wonders when paired with dark charcoals, navy blues and blacks.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team


January 2, 2014

Radiant Orchid Style for Groom & Groomsmen

When Pantone announced “Radiant Orchid” as their color of the year, designs from all industries took notice. As a result, not only has this romantic lavender color found its way into women’s wear, but it has also started to become popular on certain men’s accessories. Neckties, shoe laces, pocket squares, bow ties, dress shirts, lapel flowers, boutonnieres, patterned socks, and colored cotton belts are some of the best pieces to infuse this trendy color into your wardrobe.


Because Pantone’s “Color of the Year” has such a strong influence, it is not surprising that some of our favorite bridesmaids dress designers have added this hue into their dress collections, and to offer you matching groomsmen ties we are excited to have added several new designs in matching color. Above are four of our favorite lavender hued neckties. For more groomsmen Style inspiration using this color, please also take a look at our New Pinterest Board.

Your Bows-N-Ties Wedding Team

December 30, 2013

Winter Style: Fedora, Bow Tie, & Silk Scarf


New Jersey stylist, model, and blogger Denny shows us how to dress in style this winter season! Even though his look features a wide range of patterns, fabrics, and styles, it is still coherent, and indeed quite pleasing to look at. What is even more impressive: This entire look cost Denny less than $100. Yes, you heard right. We are talking about the entire outfit consisting of a classic Vintage wool blazer, plaid shirt, tartan bow tie, silk scarf, vintage fedora hat, boots, and pants; all for under $100. The secret? Denny is a true master at finding bargain style pieces at local thrift stores, a skill that convinced him to start his blog: Look Rich, Shop Cheap. Since finding the exact same pieces at a thrift store near you is impossible, we did a bit of searching to find them online for you here:

Get the Look:
Fedora Hat by NY Hat Co – $85
Dress Shirt by Ralph Lauren – $45
Tweed Wool Blazer found on EBay – $20
Tartan Plaid Bow Tie – $29
Silk Scarf by Cantucci – $35
Silk Pocket Square by Cantucci – $19
Wool Cargo Pants by ZARA – sorry, we could not find these online…
Wolverine Men’s Boots – $355
Other Recent “Get The Look” Features:
Each week we are featuring one dapper outfit that pairs one of our accessories (mostly neckties and bow ties) to a unique wardrobe. If you are interested to have your outfits featured, then contact us at customercare(at)bows-n-ties(dot)com and mention “Bows-N-Ties Stylist” in your subject line.

Get The Look: Winter Tweed & Floral Neckties
Get The Look: Street-Style Bow Ties
Get The Look: Silk Scarf & Knit Tie
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