September 23, 2014

Gorgeous Vineyard Wedding in Peach + Greys

We are elated to feature Bret and Wes’ gorgeous wedding that took place at the iconic Firestone Vineyards in Santa Barbara, California this summer. This California Wedding is absolutely stunning in every regard from flower bouquets, to wine bottles with printed menus, to the iconic backdrop of cascading grapevines.  The peach and gray color combination looks exquisite in this idyllic setting and we are so happy to feature this wedding with the groom and groomsmen wearing our Mens Summer Peach Apricot Necktie.

Firestone Vineyard Wedding - Cellar Photo Bride and Her Bouquet of FloweresWedding Flowers in Pink and White
Featured Peach Apricot Wedding Tie
Table Venue For Vineyard Wedding
The Wedding Party in Pink Ties
Vineyard Grapes Kiss

Photography: Robyn Rachel Photography 

Venue: Firestone Vineyards

Groom and Groomsmen Ties: Bows-N-Ties

Wedding Dress: Essence Designs

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

September 22, 2014

Autumn Menswear in Purple and Green


We are excited to feature yet another great look by Canadian menswear blogger and stylist Chris Nicholas. On an early-evening stroll in his native Newfoundland, Chris sports a sophisticated menswear look with an element of the whimsical.


A slim-fitting blazer in perfect plum compliments the purple, lime green, orange, and blue of Chris’s madras plaid necktie by Blackbird. A pair of slip-on deck shoes give him an extra pep in his step with electric green soles and matching shoe laces, perfect for an autumn island vibe.

And for the finishing touches? A Mont Pellier narrow tie bar in Grass Green, a silky white handkerchief, and a lion’s head buttonhole charm in silver.


September 17, 2014

Big Angus is Modeling for Dogs-N-Ties


Meet Angus, a 5-year old English bulldog, who was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to help model our Dogs-N-Ties collection. For his photo session with bay area pet photographer Kira Stackhouse this handsome fella picked out several pieces from our Dogs-N-Ties collection including the Poodle Silk Tie, the Frenchie Necktie, and – as you may expect – the elegant Bulldog Print Silk Scarf featuring a classy Autumn palette of orange and brown.


About Angus:
Breed: English Bulldog
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
Favorite Animal:
If I had a human voice I would sound like:
On a typical Sunday I like to:

September 16, 2014

Autumn Herringbone Collection

autumn-herringbone-skinny-tieWhile we at Bows-N-Ties have been seeing warm and sunny days in San Francisco, we were just reminded that the first official day of Fall is exactly one week away. With the Fall approaching we were inspired to feature one of BlackBird’s new Autumn lines featuring a monochromatic Herringbone pattern woven from a unique silk and merino wool blend. We decided to pair the rust red tie with one of our new narrow brass tie bars, a gray cardigan, solid black shirt, fitted jeans, and black dress boots. The designer opted for a slightly narrower cut of 2.75″ which is perfect for the modern man. Available in 5 seasonal hues for $18.90 each. Click your favorite color below:


Ties Shown Above:   Brown Herringbone Tie   |   Blue Herringbone Tie   |   Olive Green Herringbone Tie   |   Rust Red Herringbone Tie   |   Charcoal/Black Herringbone Tie

Your Team

September 15, 2014

Bow Tie Infographic


Ever wonder what’s more popular: A Bow Tie or a Necktie? How about what bow tie color men wear most often? Well, we did some research using Google search statistics, our website traffic, sales data, as well as surveyed some of the worlds largest tie producers to find out some interesting bow tie facts which we decided to display in form of the infographic above.

1. Top 5 Bow Tie States
Ever wonder in which States you are most likely to run into men wearing bow ties? Well, we found out which are the Top 5 States with the highest concentration of “men interested in bow ties”. To get this number we used Google’s regional search statistics as well as adult men population data. The #1 Bow Tie state in the US is: Mississippi.

2. Bow Ties vs Neckties?
While we certainly see more neckties on a day to day basis, men are much more interested in bow ties. Take a look at the historical search graph for “bow tie” vs. “necktie” related keywords (google search volume). While the interest in “neckties” has been somewhat declining we see a big search increase in “bow tie” related keywords. This trend is also visible in our sales date. Over the last 2 years bow tie sales have outgrown our necktie sales.

3. Self-Tie vs Pre-Tied Bow Ties?
The true bow tie aficionado will argue that the self-tie bow tie is the only acceptable option. While we agree that self-tie bow ties are sartorially more respectable, sales and production numbers beg to differ. We asked 5 of the world’s largest tie manufacturers, producing millions of bow ties per year, which style they sell more. You will be surprised to find out that 78% of all bow ties produced are pre-tied compared to 22% being the self-tie style. This goes to show that the “occasional bow tie” wearer, the one who is required to wear a bow tie either as part of a dress code or part of a uniform, prefers convenience over style.

4. Only 1% of Men Know “How to Tie a Bow Tie”
Together with our sister site,, we recently surveyed 8,900 adult men about their tie habits. One of the questions asked was “Do you know how to tie your own bow tie?”. Surprisingly only 92 men answers yes, which equals about 1% of the population surveyed.

5. New Years Eve is the #1 Day to wear a Bow Tie:
We analyzed the website traffic of, the world’s largest “how to tie a tie” website, teaching over 4 million men each year the art of tying different tie knots. The days that bring the most visitors to the site via “how to tie a bow tie” searches are: New Years Eve, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and “National Bow Tie Day”. Looks like Pee Wee Herman, the Nutty Professor, and the Chippendales continue to be popular Halloween costumes.

6. Black is Still the Most Popular Bow Tie Color:
Our sales date shows that black is, by a large margin, the most popular bow tie color. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the black bow tie is part of the formal black tie dress code. One color that surprised us was pink. Almost 1 in 14 bow ties sold by us is pink in color. Most of these are sold during the spring and summer months, and are worn at weddings and proms.

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Are we missing any interesting stats you would like us to research? Let us know by leaving a comment below.