November 2, 2009

Women’s vs. Men’s Fashion

What Makes Men’s and Women’s Fashion so Different

There is a difference in the type of style you see on the runway vs. on the street. This is especially evident in men’s rather than women’s fashion. On the runway designers want to show their creativity and often times push the boundaries of what people would be comfortable wearing. Instead of looking at outfits in a practical manner, designer place a much stronger emphasis on the art of design. This unique “runway” style carries carries over much more in womens day-to-day fashion than it does in mens.

Women do want uniqueness and individual style much more than men do. Think about the following scenario: A women walks into a social gathering and sees two other women wearing the same dress. Almost any women would think of this as a nightmare. Now, let’s look at this from a man’s point of view. A man walks into a party and sees two or three other men wearing the same suit. Most men would think of this as a positive. Thoughts like: “looks like I dressed right for the occasion”, or ” I fit right in” will come to most men’s minds. Men think of this as a positive.

Because women appreciate unique style much more than men, most fashion designer place a much stronger focus on women’s clothing. In fact most famous designer initially start designing for women and later on also adopt a mens clothing line – something that is usually driven by economic factors.

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