Self-tied Bowties

Below is our collection of self-tied bowties. All bowties out of this collection are handmade from 100% silk and are the perfect choice neckwear for any true bow tie lover.

Tying the Self-Tied Bow Tie:

All bowties above are so-called self-tied bows and require to be tied by hand. Unlike clip-on bow ties, these bows allow for a much wider range in personal styling and finishing. For bow tie knot instructions please visit our tutorial on How to Tie a Bow Tie

Matching the Self Tied Bow Tie

Although the classic necktie is much more common there are certain instances when there is no substitute for the bow tie. Special events requiring black tie attire are a perfect example. While pre-tied bow ties are most common (simply because most men are too lazy to learn to tie a bow tie), self-tied bow ties are the choice for true bow tie aficionados. They stand out because they usually have a slightly asymmetric look. Also, it is the self-tied version that is almost exclusively chosen for casual settings not because they look casual, but because they are noticeable as a self-tied bow tie something the bow tie lover is proud off.

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