Men's Ties in “Lapis”

Need men's ties that suit the wedding color “Lapis”? Then this assortment of neckties and bow ties will be a perfect fit. We compared hundreds of purple ties with the actual “Lapis” fabric swatch and we guarantee a perfect fit.

Even More Ties in Purple, Eggplant, Plum, and Lapis

If the 100% perfectly coordinating “Lapis” tie is not as important to you, then you may also want to look at all our Purple Ties. You will find solid color purple ties, striped purple ties, purple ties with polka dots, paisley patterns, and much more. The colors range from a light lilac to a dark plum purple.

Best Accent Colors for “Lapis” Purple

While some retailers calls this color “Lapis”, others might refer to this dark shade as purple, plum or eggplant. Because it is a darker color, we recommend adding light contrasting colors such as cream, light silver, peach, pastel yellow, or a powder blue. We at Bows-n-Ties carry over 3,000 ties in stock and also offer a wide assortment of handkerchiefs – an accessory that perfectly adds a subtle accent color to the ensembles' of groom and groomsmen.

Returns & Exchanges at

Can't decide which tie to choose? Then how about ordering several different neckties? We at Bows-n-Ties offer you a flexible return policy so that you can hold the ties in hand before making a final decision. Simple ship any non coordinating ties back to us and we will refund your credit card. It is just that simple!

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