Neckties in Classic Crimson and Cherry Red

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All the Shades of Medium-Reds:

At Bows-n-Ties we have divided our red ties into three different sub-categories: Bright Red Ties, Cherry Red Tie, and Burgundy Ties. Nevertheless, you will still find at least a dozen of different colors shades in each category. Above are all our medium-reds which include the popular tie colors like cherry, crimson, cardinal, brick-red, chartreuse, and wine-red. Besides the classic and elegant solid color tie you will find a wide range of design patterns, and brands. If you need a longer length tie, then we invite you to visit our collection of Extra Long Ties.

Dress Code and Matching Tips for Wine & Cherry Neckties

Ties in medium-red color, as listed above, are perfect for any man that is looking to add some classy color to shirt and suit, but at the same time wants to avoid a too flashy and/or flamboyant appearance. Ties in cherry, wine, and cardinal red look exceptionally well when matched with a navy blue suit. Although the dark blue suit is one of the most popular ways to match the medium-red tie, other suit colors such as gray, charcoal, olive, tan, and brown make an excellent match.

The Psychology & Meaning of Deep Red Colors:

Red is the color that draws the most attention to it. It is said to be a warm and passionate color that at the same time can have an alarming effect on the observer. Typically, the brighter the red, the more emotionally intense the color will be. Medium-reds, such as the color found on the ties above, are a touch more subdued. The darker shade is achieved by mixing in a touch of black and a dash of white – that’s why the tie might have just a hint of brown to it. Cherry-red, cardinal, and wine-red therefore carry some of the characteristics from brown – a color that is said to evoke trust and portray a mature image.