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NEW Satin Silk Print Ties

Just in time for Spring & Summer, neckwear designer CANTUCCI has released their latest geometric print collection. The all-over circular geometric print is paired with a bright and bold color platter that perfectly pairs with your favorite spring and summer jackets. CANTUCCI handprinted this pattern using a traditional silk-screen process on finest satin silk. These pieces won't disappoint! 

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Satin vs Twill vs Chiffon SilkYou might wonder what's so special about satin silk and what the difference is to other silk fabrics commonly used on ties and scarves. Most common for neckties is a twill woven fabric. It is a fabric that has a very fine ribbed texture - so fine that it might appear textureless at first glance. Satin silk on the other hand is much denser woven and uses a finer silk thread. The result is a very smooth and shiny surface. The sheen of the fabric as well as the soft feel makes it perfect for fine high-end women's silk scarves as well as very high end neckties. Because imperfections in the fabric and print shows very easily, most designers stay away from using Satin silk as the production costs are quite a bit higher than it is for twill silk. So, if you are looking for some very exclusive pieces and want to add something unique into your tie collection, then our satin silk prints above would be perfect. Available in over a dozen colors for any wardrobe, season, and personal preference.