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The Ascot Tie

Tying an Ascot Tie

Just like there are several ways on How to Tie a Necktie, there are several ways to tie an ascot. The most common style is explained in our tutorial on How to Tie an Ascot. Traditionally the ascot was tied this way and then secured with a decorative pin. This method is still used – especially for traditional functions and more formal attire.

Our ascot are actually slightly different and much easier to tie, giving off a much more casual, yet nevertheless equally sophisticated look. Our ascot ties only have one broad end and a loop at the narrow end. The broad end is simply pulled through the look and then tugged inside the dress shirt with the top 2 buttons left open.

A Brief History of the Ascot

The ascot originated in the 19th century in England and was part of the gentleman´s formal daytime attire. The ascot was traditionally worn with a tailcoat jacket and a top hat, and was named after the infamous horserace "The Royal Ascot" – a sporting event at which men were required to dress in tailcoat jacket and ascot tie. Today the ascot is far less popular but still valued by a few aficionados that associate sophistication and century long tradition with this type of neckwear. The ascot is a perfect fashion accessory the brilliantly complements the elegant "Casual Gentleman´s Look".