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Wafflecone Texture Bow Tie in Teal Blue

Textured Self-Tied Bow Tie in Teal
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Wafflecone Texture Bow Tie in Teal Blue

Bring new levels of style to your everyday wardrobe with this wafflecone textured bow tie by Cantucci. The teal blue color, self-tied style, as well as textured fabric weave create a one-of-the-kind accessory that will make you one of the most dapper dudes on your block.

While we like to wear this piece in a more dressed-down fashion, it can equally complement a more formal get-up. Pairing this bow tie with gray 3-piece suit, white shirt, and silver cufflinks is a perfect example of a semi-formal look for this piece. Handmade from pure silk. Also available as matching necktie (see below).

Style: Self-Tied, Length: Adjustable to 19.5"

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