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Yellow Ties Matching Bari Jay’s Daffodil

Perfect for the groom and groomsmen looking to dress in matching yellow ties to the bridesmaids Bari Jay daffodil dresses. Choose from your favorite tie below for matching tips, see close-up photos, as well as find other matching accessories.

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  • Fabric: Microfiber
Daffodil by Bari JayCompared to Daffodil by dress designer Watters, Bari Jay’s daffodil is softer in color. It is more of a vanilla/buttery yellow while Watters leans more towards a brighter canary yellow. Because it is a soft yellow hue, it is perfect for the spring season. It looks superb in combination with classic navy suits in lightweight wool, cotton, and linen. For more specific suit & tie matching suggestions for a particular tie, please click your favorite tie above and read the product description.