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Midnight by Bari Jay

Our collection of dark navy blue ties designed to match Bari Jay’s midnight colored dresses. Click on your favorite dark blue tie below for clos-up photos, for matching tips, as well as to see other matching accessories.

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Midnight by Bari JayAs the name suggest, midnight is a dark navy blue that, depending on the light and angle, can appear to be a deep charcoal gray. It is Bari Jay’s darkest blue. Like other dark navy blues, midnight is perfect for any formal setting. It is also suited for any season and pairs well with a wide range of suits and shirts. For more specific matching tips on the ties shown above, please click on your favorite design and read the tie’s description.More Dark Blue Tie ChoicesBlue is one of the most popular and most common tie colors. Blue ties are not only easy to match, but they can be worn for any occasion and any season. For that reason we carry close to a thousand different blue ties - so many that we decided to break them up into three different blue tones: light, classic, and dark blue. For all our dark blue ties, similar to Bari Jay’s midnight, please CLICK HERE.