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Ties for Bari Jay’s Red Dresses

Bari Jay’s red is a rich and powerful red tone with just a slight hint of cherry. It is an elegant color that we are excited to offer matching neckties and bow ties for. Each red tie below was matched to the actual fabric swatch by Bari Jay.

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Red Ties: Tips for Wearing Your Red NecktieRed is a powerful and passionate color that instantly grabs your attention. For that reason it is quite a common tie color, and red ties are often times referred to as “power ties”. When matching a red tie, think about what you want your outfit to say. Want something bold and authoritative? Then contrast the red tie with a bright white shirt and dark charcoal suit. Want a look that is elegant but not too intimidating? Then pair your red tie with a navy suit, pale blue striped shirt, and brown shoes. Do you want to wear your red tie for a summer wedding? Then combine it with a beige suit, white herringbone shirt, and a matching red boutonniere.