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The black bow tie is true staple for any well dressed man's wardrobe. While a must have accessory for formal black tie dress it can also be worn in a slightly more dressed down manner. Below is our current in-stock collection of black colored bow ties in self-tie as well as pre-tied style. All bows shown are in stock

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Black Bow Ties & Formal AttireThe black bow tie is a must have accessory for all your formal ensembles consisting of formal white dress shirt and dark colored tuxedo. While other bow tie colors (such as midnight blue, silver, and burgundy) are executable alternatives the gold standard for "Black Tie Attire" always calls for a bow tie in solid black. Pre-Tied VS Self-Tie Bow Ties Most of the bow ties we sell come pre-tied. While the true bow tie aficionado and black tie connoisseur will insist on a bow tie that you tie yourself, most men prefer the convenience of a bow tie that comes pre-tied. We leave this up to you and therefore carry both styes that are shown aboveBow Tie SizingAll our butterfly bow ties come in standard size of 4.5 inches in length and 2.25 inches in height. Additionally we offer a few batwing bows with pointed ends that are 4.75" x 2" in size as well as kids bow ties in a few selected colors. All our bow ties have an adjustable neckband that can be lengthened or shorted from 13 inch to 20 inch collars.