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Styles of Black Ties:

Besides the elegant solid color black tie, the collection above features black ties with fine stripes, foulards, paisleys, plaids, pin dots, polka dots, and more. Besides different designs the type of fabric weave also makes each black tie different. Some black ties are made from a shiny and smooth satin fabric while others feature more intricate textures and matte finishes.

Black Neckties and Black Tie Dress Code:

Does black tie attire mean you should wear a black necktie? Well, although it is called black tie, it is a dress code that traditionally does not require a neck but a bow tie. Black tie attire consists of a black tuxedo jacket, a black cummerbund of waistcoat (never wear both together), a white tuxedo dress shirt, high gloss polished shoes, black bow tie, and Cuff Links as well as studs in place of buttons on the shirts. To read more on this formal dress code please visit our dress code guide on Black Tie.

Although black neckties are not art of traditional black tie attire, they are still formal and elegant. They are a perfect choice tie for semi-formal functions that occur in the evening. For a slightly less formal black necktie choose a tie with less shine, or ties that have other colors added in forms of stripes or fine foulards. Another event men wear black ties are funerals. While black is the color most western cultures wear at funerals, the French often times also wear dark purple ties.

The Psychology and Meaning of Black:

Black is the absence of color. The meaning of black is sometimes a little contradictory. On the one hand black is the color of sadness and mourning, but on the other hand black is sometimes also perceived as mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. Dark charcoal grays, very dark midnight blue, as well as very dark browns are sometimes perceived as black. In business black suits are much less common that in formal events. Tuxedos are almost exclusively black in color.

Black Bow Ties VS Neckties

Looking for even more formality? Then the solid black necktie is more formal than black ties with patterns. As a good rule of thumb: the finer the pattern, the dresser a tie will be. Lastly, bow ties are more formal than neckties.