Men's Bow Ties

Browse all our current bow tie collections. Choose between pre-tied or self-tie styles. Most of our bow ties are also available as matching pocket squares. All bow ties come with adjustable neckband to fit collars up to 19.5 inches. Smaller bow ties for ages 2-5 are also available.

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Bowties, and Bow & Pocket Square Sets

Above you will find our entire in-stock collection of bow ties. We carry the more popular and convenient pre-tied bow ties as well as the traditional self-tie bow ties that can be found on a separate page here. While most of our bow ties are also available as matching pocket squares, we also made it easier by offering some of the best selling colors as bow tie and hanky sets at a discounted price. 

When to Wear What Bowtie

Just like the dress code suggests, Black Tie Attire, requires men to wear a classic black bow tie, while the even more formal White Tie dress code requires a solid white bow tie which is traditionally worn with a black tailcoat jacket, a waistcoat, and wing-collar tuxedo dress shirt. Slightly less formal than the black or white bowtie are other solid colored ties. For evening attire, darker color shades are better suited such as dark navy, burgundy, silver, and charcoal. For semi-formal day-time attire, such as spring and summer weddings, lighter & brighter colored bow ties are also an excellent choice. Usually wedding colors change by season with current 2024 wedding trends being light pastel colors such as sage green, steel blues, soft pinks, and so on.

There are the more casual and fun bow ties that come in a wide range of pattern and colors. Classic stripes are always popular as well as checks and pin dots.  These bowties don’t need to be worn with a black tuxedo by any means. They can be worn with sports coats, shirt and vest, or even suspenders. As long as colors compliment and patterns don't clash, you can have fun with these.

For those seeking a more bold bow tie that makes a statement, there are some even wilder designs and shapes. Bow ties made from feathers, wood, and even metal are an example. For those seeking a statement bow tie, please check out our latest collections of glitter bow ties as well as our new velvet bow ties.

Self-Tied Vs. Pre-tied Bowties

The true bow tie aficionado will insist that a bow tie needs to be self-tied. A pre-tied bow tie, although much more convenient, is considered a fashion Faux Pas by the bow tie lover. While most men opt for the more convenient pre-tied bowtie, the regular bowtie wearer will always choose a self-tied bow or also known as freestyle bow tie. We at Bows-n-Ties suggest that for a classic black tie function you choose a bow tie you tie yourself. For instructions please visit our tutorial on how to tie a bow tie.

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