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Collection of burgundy, dark cherry, wine-red and dark red colored bowties. Find burgundy bow ties in solid colors, stripes, plaids, paisley, polka dots, and more. All dark red bow ties shows are in stock.

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Burgundy Bow Ties: Tips on Patterns For the most part, the pattern you choose is a personal preference. But also important to keep in mind is the formality of the event you will be wearing the bow tie for. As a general rule of thumb: The more solid a pattern, the more formal it will appear. That being said, solid dark burgundy bow ties made from a shiny satin fabric are the most formal pieces form the collection above. Least formal are matte fabrics such as cotton and linen in brighter cherry reds featuring a bold pattern such as madras, large scale polka dots, or loud paisleys. Burgundy Bow Ties: Best Color Combinations Blue is your best bet when pairing a burgundy color bow tie! But also always great is the color white on the shirt as well as charcoal and gray on the suits. Last but not least, dark greens such as olive are excellent jacket choices for the Fall season - especially for more casual occasions.