Neckties in Burgundy, Claret, Maroon, and Other Dark Reds

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The Different Shades of Burgundy:

Burgundy is a brownish and slightly darker shade of red. It is a color that is commonly also described as maroon, chestnut, carmine, sangria-red, and even rust. Above you will find dozens of mens ties that fall into this category. Choose from a wide range of designs ranging from plain, but classy solid color ties to intricate repp-stripe patterns, foulards, paisleys, and more. If you are looking for a slightly lighter shade of red, then we also invite you to visit our Cherry Red Ties and even our Bright Red Ties. Are you tall and have a larger neck size which may require a longer tie length? Then you may find the dark red tie also in our selection of Extra Long Ties.

Dress Matching Tips for Burgundy Ties

Burgundy is a darker shade of red that usually has a hint of brown to it. For that reason burgundy red ties usually match well with tan and brown suits, as well as brown shoes and belt. It is a color that reminds of turning leaves in the fall, and for that reason many designers choose burgundy as a color for parts of their fall collections. Burgundy is also a good color to match to medium-blue shirts and navy blue suits.

The Psychology & Meaning of Dark Reds:

The more brownish the red the more mature, stable, and trusting it will be perceived. For that reason burgundy red ties are one of the most popular colored ties for conservative business attire. They make an excellent choice tie for a job interview, a semi-formal dinner, or for a meeting with executives and/or investors. Any man should have at least one burgundy red tie in his wardrobe.