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Our classy textured collection is a timeless solid color design combined with a matte textured weave. Available as classic men's neckties, bow ties, XL ties, kids neckties, and pocket squares. 

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Tie Matching TipsIf we had to pick one of the most versatile neckties, then the solid indigo and/or navy blue tie would certainly find itself near the top of the list. Not only is indigo a color that pairs well with all menswear colors, but it is also a shade that looks nice in any season, for any occasion, as well as any time of the day. That being said, pair the featured ties above with any suit and shirt you like. For a more formal and classy look however, we suggest to keep things simple: Gray suit, white shirt, solid indigo colored tie, the matching pocket square, and – perhaps – a stylish silver tie clip.