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Stripe Tie Matching Tips

Diagonal stripes are one of the most popular necktie designs that have been popular for over a hundred years in mens fashion. When matching your striped tie there are two things you need to consider. First, make sure the colors on the tie compliment your look. If the tie has a shade of blue in it, then it pairs excellent with dark navy jackets and/or light blue shirts. Second, consider the other patterns on your outfit. What matters most here is the scale. In other words if you choose to wear one of these 1" wide stripes, then pair them with smaller scale patterns such as narrow striped shirts or herringbone jackets. What you want to avoid is layering multiple patterns that are too similar in scale.

1" VS 5/8" Width

The wider the stripes the bolder the look! While the 1" wide stripes on the right are one of our most popular stripe tie collection, they are slightly less versatile than the 5/8 Inch wide stripes - a collection that virtually looks fantastic with almost any shirt and suit pattern.

Collegiate Stripe Ties

1 Inch Wide Stripes

5/8 Inch Wide Stripes

1/4 Inch Repp Ties