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Combining Many Colors on One Tie:

When designers combine many colors in one design they primary objective is to find colors that harmonize with one another and then aligning these colors in a design that is elegant and fashionable. If designers fail to do so the tie will not work with other pieces of clothing and will look more like a bright colored clowns tie then a fashionable business-tie.

Traditionally colors are combined that fall into the same season. Lighter color shades, such as pastel tones, are typically worn for the summer fashion while darker colors are better suited for the colder months of the year. Should you not find the tie you are looking for then you may want to look in our entire overview of ties. To do so please visit our Mens Neckties Sorted by Color.

One another note, all ties above are in regular length. At Bows-n-ties we also carry a large selection of Extra Long Ties, for the tall man, as well as Kids Ties for the bambino.

Matching Ties with Multiple Colors:

When choosing a tie that has more than three colors in the design, try to match it with colors on shirt and suit that compliment these, rather than add another and even more color. A goo d way to do so is by wearing a dress shirt in the same color as one of the colors on the tie. Most popular for this are light blue, pink and rose, tan, and light yellow dress shirts. Another way to have the same colors as present on the tie on the rest of your outfit is by choosing certain accessories such as Cuff Links and/or Handkerchiefs.