Cotton Plaid Ties

Get your wardrobe in shape for spring and summer with one of these stylish and fun cotton plaids by designer BlackBird and Cantucci.

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Madras Ties If you are not afraid to show off some color in your ties, then the madras plaid is the perfect choice. Most of our madras feature a bright palette, a trendy skinny cut, and summer typical fabrics such as cotton and silk. For more matching inspirations check out one of our recent "Looks of the Week" HERE for wearing a Madras Bow Tie, as well as HERE for inspiration on wearing a Madras Skinny Tie. Gingham Ties If the Madras plaid is too bold and too loud, then the gingham check will be a perfect alternative. Also, because most of our gingham ties only feature two colors, they are typically much easier to pair to your suits and shirts.