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Different Shades of Dark Blue:

When men are being asked about their favorite color then 7 out of 10 will mention the color blue. Because blue is such a popular color we have decided to divide our tie collection into three different blue sub-categories: Light Blue Ties, medium and navy Blue Ties, and the Dark Blue Ties listed above. As always, our site reflects the actual inventory, and everything you see is in stock ready to ship. Still not finding what you are looking for? Then let us know and we might be able to help – after all we do offer custom design ties for bulk-orders.

Above are all our neckties in dark blues which, among others, include the colors: dark-navy and midnight blue combined in almost any imaginable design - from formal solid color ties, to repp-stripe ties, British regimental neckties, polka dot patterns, paisleys, and much more. Please note that all ties above are regular length ties. For longer ties, made for the big & tall man, we invite you to visit our collection of Extra Long Ties.

When to Wear and How to Match Dark Blue Neckties:

The dark blue tie is, of all the blue ties, the most formal one. Although the tie will match with almost any shirt and suit, the somewhat more formal appearance makes the dark blue tie better suited for evening attire as well as conservative business dress. For daytime attire on a sunny day, lighter shades of blue are better suited.

The Meaning of Dark Blue:

Blue is said to have a calming and soothing effect on people. The lighter shades of blue are said to be more youthful (think of baby blue for example), while the darker blues are said to be more mature and conservative. This, combined with the fact that blue supposedly also portrays loyalty, makes the dark navy blue suit the top choice outfit to wear to a job interview.