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More Than Just One Dark-Green

Our current collection of green ties has now exceeded over 800 designs. For that reason we split up our green ties into two groups: Dark green ties (shown here) as well as lighter green ties (like mint, light sage, lime, etc). Additionally we offer all our best selling ties as fabric swatches.

Matching the Dark-Green Tie:

Dark green ties are most popular in the fall and winter months, and should be matched with clothing items made with fabrics and in colors that also suit the later season of the year. Heavier woolen suit fabrics, such as worsted wool and twill yarns, are an excellent combination for dark green ties such as ties in olive and dark fern.

Patterns ties, whether it is in stripe or foulard designs, commonly combine dark greens with shades of burgundy, dark navy blue, mustard-yellow, and tan-brown. It is not uncommon to find these colors on classic British repp-stripe ties – also known as regimental neckties.

The Psychology behind Dark Green

The color green is created by mixing blue with yellow. The more blue, also known as cyan to the expert, the darker the green will appear. Very dark greens often times also include a touch of black in the mixture. Brownish looking greens such as olive and army green are a classic example.

Green is the second most popular color after blue. It is one of the most common colors found in our natural environment, and the human eye is quite used and comfortable with this color shade. Green is said to have a calming effect on people. In addition it is said to be tranquil and refreshing, with a natural balance of cool and warm (blue and yellow) undertones. Greens with a larger portion of blue (like teals) are more calming whereas blues with a larger portion of yellow (such as lime green) are more cheerful.