Below is a selection of ties especially made for the big & tall man. Our extra long ties measure 61 – 63 inches in length and will be the perfect fit for man taller than 6 foot 3 inches. All our XL ties are also available in regular tie length.

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Who Needs Extra Long Ties?

As the name suggests, longer XL ties are made for taller men. Besides height, the neck size, as well as the type of tie-knot used, are determining factors for the length of tie needed. Most regular sized ties measure 57-59 inches in length. Should you have difficulty tying such a tie to the right length (so that the tip ends near the center of your belt buckle) then you will be better off with one of our extra long ties from above. Most of our XL sized ties are also available as a regular sized necktie.

Tricks to Add Length to Your Tie

If you have a tie that is too short, but still would like to wear it, then there are a few things you can do. First, use a smaller tie knot. The best choice here is the Kent knot which is one of the tie knots using the least length of your necktie. To learn this type of necktie knot as well as other ways to tie a tie, please visit our guide on How to Tie a Necktie Still tied too short? Then, you could go to a tailor and have a few inches added to the narrow end of the tie. It is the part of the tie that lies hidden once tied. Don't like any of these options but still need to wear a regular length tie (maybe as part of a groomsmen attire)? Then you can also tie the tie shorter and wear it with a vest. Many of our best selling wedding ties are also available as formal vests.