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Tired of solids or stripes on your ties? Then how about one of these new floral ties? We at Bows-N-Ties are excited to feature the new floral collections by designers such as Cantucci, Puccini, Chevalier, and Cavalleri. Starting at $14.90.

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When & How to Wear a Floral Tie Floral patterned ties are not just for the spring and summer season. What decides the tie’s season is more dependent on color rather than pattern, meaning choose fresh and lively hues for the spring/summer, and more muted shades for fall/winter. Another thing to consider when wearing a floral design tie is the size of the pattern. The smaller the blossoms, buds, or flowers, the more elegant it will appear. Larger floral designs are without doubt fun and attention-grabbing, but are usually unsuited for a formal dress.