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Shades of Silver & Gray Ties

This necktie collection contains ties in shades of gray, charcoal, slate, arsenic, taupe-gray, silver, platinum, and everything in between. Choose a more metallic looking tie for formal occasions while the less shiny shades of gray will be better suited for business.

Dress Codes for Ties in Silver and Gray

Unlike black or white ties, neckties in shade of gray can be worn for almost any occasion with the exception of funerals where solid black tiesare recommended. The lighter and the more metallic the color the more silver it will appear, and the more silver the tie the more formal it will look.

Matching Silver, Gray, and Platinum Ties to Shirts and Suits

Any tie in this category matches best with shirts in white, gray, and black. Lighter silver ties also look well with a light blue dress shirt worn on a sunny day. Besides colors, consider the different types of patterns on each clothing item. While solid color ties will match well with both striped and checkered dress shirt, matching patterned ties requires a little more attention. As a general rule, match patterns of different clothing items that are different in size. If you are uncertain then there is always the option to wear the solid color dress shirt.

The Psychology of Colors: Silver & Gray

Experts often times speak of the ‘Meaning of Colors’ or also the ‘Psychology of Colors’. It refers to the feelings and emotional responses a particular color shade evokes in people. Using color in clothing can be quite powerful. When choosing colors several factors should be considered. First of all the colors worn on different pieces of clothing should be in harmony with one another. Secondly, you should choose colors that compliment your color profile – meaning your complexion, eye, and hair-color. Finally, the colors worn should complement the occasion. The later requires considering the meaning of colors.

Silver is considered to be festive and elegant, but at the same time it is also seen as cold and sterile. In clothing silver is commonly seen in accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and handbags for women, and cuff links, watches, belt buckles, and neck ties for men.

Gray is much less formal than silver. It is a very subtle and subdued color that is much less noticed than silver. In clothing, especially formal men’s fashion, gray is one of the most common color shade that is popular regardless of the year’s season. Gray is simply timeless and practical. Nevertheless very few people say that gray is their favorite colors – probably because it is sometimes also associated with loss and depression.