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Choosing a Pattern Although only a small accessory, the bow tie can have a huge impact on your overall wardrobe. Not only are bow ties perfect to make a statement, but depending on the pattern you choose, they can dress-up your looks as well as create a more casual appearance. Typically solid colors are more formal and also happen to be much easier to mix and match with other patterns. Most casual are bow ties with bold plaids such as madras as well as large scale plaids. Our tip: Choose a bow tie based on the occasion and formality! Green Bow Ties for Any Season Let the season of the year guide you to the perfect shade of green when it comes to your bow ties. Light green bow ties such as lime green, chartreuse, and kelly green are perfect for the spring and summer. Darker greens such as Forest and Hunter on the other hand are excellent bow tie colors for the Fall - especially when paired with thicker wool suits in navy or gray.