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Below we feature several lovely tie choices matching your Donna Morgan “Candlelight” colored dresses. Click on your favorite design below for more info.

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Style Tips for “Candlelight” Colored Ties:Candlelight by Donna Morgan is an off-white color with a slight hint of yellow. Because it is such a pale hue, it should not be worn with other tan and off-whites (such as shirts or suits). Instead pair this formal color with darker, stronger contrasting clothing pieces. Suits in midnight blue, navy, charcoal, and black are all excellent choices here. For the dress shirt we suggest to stick to the classic plain white piece. Want a bit more uniqueness on your charcoal suit (or tux) and white shirt ensemble? Then consider white shirts featuring a unique fabric texture such as pique, fine herringbone, and oxford cloth.Tips for Wedding Attire & Color CombinationsDid you know that each week our stylist features a new wedding color on our blog? Check out the latest color trends and get ideas on how to pair different accent hues, how to incorporate colors, and how to infuse your favorite color into attire, decor, and more.