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Each tie below is a perfect match to Donna Morgan's “Sterling” bridal color. We at Bows-N-Ties compared each tie to the actual fabric swatch, guaranteeing a perfect match. All ties shown are in stock.

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“Sterling” by Donna Morgan:Of you are looking for a classic silver-gray, then Donna Morgan's “Sterling” would make an excellent choice. When you look closely at the fabric swatch you can notice a very slight hint of tan-brown as an undertone – giving this hue more warmth compared to other “cooler” silver hues. When matching these ties we suggest you stick to suits in the stone-gray to black range. Avoid tan, navy, and green suits of possible. Should none of the ties shown above be to your liking, then please also browse all our Silver & Gray Ties– a collection of over 200 formal tie choices in silver, gray, and charcoal in any imaginable pattern, fabric, cut, and design.