Ties Matching Donna Morgan’s “White Lilly” Colored Dresses

Looking to dress the men in matching ties to your “White Lilly” hued Donna Morgan dresses? Then this collection of ties is perfect. We at Bows-N-Ties physically took each tie below and compared it to the actual “White Lilly” fabric swatch. This is the only way to ensure a perfect match.

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White LillyWhite Lilly is a very slight off-white color. It is lighter than most ivory hues, but also not quite a bright white. Because it has a very tiny hint of yellow it appears “warmer” and less sterile than most bright whites. When wearing these neckties or bow ties, we suggest classic suits featuring a strong contrast. Our three favorite suit/tux colors for these ties are: Formal black, classic charcoal, and elegant midnight blue. Not finding the tie you like? Then also take a look at all our White Tie Choices– a collection of several hundred white and off-white colored ties in any design pattern imaginable.