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Ties Matching WATTERS’ “Acorn”

Assortment of golden-tan colored neckties and bow ties that nicely compliments WATTERS “Acorn” fabric swatch. All ties below are in stock and popular choices for groom and groomsmen.

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WATTERS' “Acorn”If the designer's “cashmere” is too light, then how about this color? “Acorn” features a similar golden sheen as “cashmere” does, but is also more camel-brown in color. It is a common menswear color that is often seen on summer suits. For neckties, however, it is not too common. Most ties are either lighter in color (ivory and champagne) or are darker (classic browns). Nevertheless, we found a few popular groom and groomsmen ties above that match WATTERS' “Acorn” nicely.