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Blush Colored Wedding Ties

Collection of ties picked out to match WATTERS' blush colored dresses. For matching pocket squares please click on your favorite tie below.

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The color “Blush” by WATTERS:WATTERS' “blush” is a shade of pale pink with a grayish silver undertone. To our knowledge, the designer offers this color for their Lace fabric. It is a hue that is both romantic as much as festive. Because it has a grayish hint, we like to accent this color with blacks and charcoal.Tips to Wear a Blush Colored Tie:“Blush” is a very rare color for men's neckties. Nevertheless we found a few ties in our pink collection that complement WATTERS color swatch in this hue. Because it is a rare color in the world of menswear, it can indeed be tricky to pair to shirt and suit. Thus, we suggest to keep it classy and simple with a charcoal or black suit (or tux), and plain white shirt. Want to add more personality to this look? Then add a silver tie bar and matching cufflinks.