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Popular Wedding Ties in “Ivory”

Ivory is one of the most popular tie colors for wedding parties. Needless to say, every dress designer offers this color for their collections. Because each designer's “Ivory” is slightly different, we created this page showing our best matching ties to the color “Ivory” by dress designer WATTERS.

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WATTERS' Ivory:Ivory by WATTERS is a very light off-white that is easily mistaken for white – until you actually hold it next to a true white color swatch. Because it is such a light hue, it is less commonly worn by groomsmen and bridesmaids, but by the bride and groom. We at Bows-N-Ties paired dozens of ivory colored ties to WATTERS' fabric swatch in Lace as well as Dupioni Silk which are displayed above.Wearing an Ivory Colored Necktie/Bow Tie:Can an ivory colored tie be worn with a white dress shirt? The short answer is YES. In fact it is perfect look for the groom on his wedding day if the bride is wearing an ivory instead of a white colored dress. To create contrast to the white shirt and ivory tie combo, we suggest darker colored suits such as charcoal or black. Want a more formal look? Then wear an ivory colored bow tie with a classic black tuxedo and matching vest.