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Find bright pink colored men's ties that match your “Plumeria” colored bridesmaids dresses. All ties shown below are in stock, many of which are also available as matching pocket squares, in kids size for the ring bearer, as well as bow ties.

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Plumeria: A Bright Flamingo PinkDress maker WATTERS like to name their colors based on flowers. No different is the designer's color “Plumeria” – a bright pink hue that other designers' sometimes call flamingo pink, fuchsia, guava, or even watermelon. Because it is such a vivid color, it is not too commonly found on menswear pieces – with the exception of a few ties. Above we are featuring some of our most popular pink ties matching this bold summer color. These are all ties that will look excellent in combination with tan or navy jackets. Like seersucker summer suits for the groomsmen? Then Plumeria is also a perfect accent color for those popular summer menswear items.