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More than One Light Blue Color:

Since blue is such a popular color in menswear and men's accessories, we decided to divide our collection of ties into three different blue categories: Light Blue Ties (shown here), medium Blue Ties, and Dark/Navy Blue Ties. Above are all our ties in a lighter blues in all sorts of patterns and fabrics. Looking for a very specific blue color, then here are fabric swatches in all our best selling blues from light to dark blue in solid, paisley, and more.

How to Match the Light Blue Tie to Shirt, Suit, and Season:

Lighter color shades are worn in spring, in summer, during the day, and in nicer weather. Light blue is no different. The light blue tie, as well as dress shirt, is mostly spotted during the warmer, sunnier days. When wearing a lighter blue tie think about pairing it with other summer pieces and colors. Tan, navy, light gray suits are best - so are white or light blue linen shirts. If light blue is not the predominant color on a tie (think about a navy tie with thin light blue stripes) it is suitable for any season.

The Psychology & Meaning of the Color Light Blue:

Blue is a soothing and tranquil color, and creates the exact opposite emotional responses to bright red. Blue instantly has a calming effect on people. There is a reason why the US Navy changed the night light from reds to a more calming blue. Blue is also said to portray loyalty – hence many fashion experts recommend a dark navy blue suit, and blue striped tie to a job interview. Depending on the shade of blue, blue can be soothing as well as cold and depressing. The most soothing blues are the ones found in nature such as ocean blue and sky-blue.

Best Selling Light Blues for 2024:

The 2024 wedding season has, once again, blues with gray undertones as one of the most popular wedding color. Think about dusty blue, light steel blue, and powder blue. Always classy and timeless are dress blues and navy blue. If you are looking for a specific blue color then please browse our wedding tie page.