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More than One Light Blue Color:

Since blue is such a popular color for mens ties, we decided to divide our collection of ties into three different blue categories: Light Blue Ties, medium and navy Blue Ties, and Dark Blue Ties. Above are all our ties in a lighter blue which include the color shades sky blue, baby blue, and powder blue in a wide range of designs and patterns such as classy solids, striped neckties, polka dots, foulard patterned ties, and mens paisley neck ties. All ties above are in regular length and are typically the right fot for men up to 6 foot and 3 inches. For taller men we recommend Extra Long Ties which are 3-4 inches longer in length and perfect for the tall man and the man with a larger neck size.

How to Match the Light Blue Tie to Shirt, Suit, and Season:

Lighter color shades are worn in spring, in summer, during the day, and in nicer weather. Light blue is no different. The light blue tie, as well as dress shirt, is mostly spotted during the warmer, sunnier days. The color perfectly complements the blue sky, the warm weather, and the tan skin. Light blue is also a color that is quite easy to match to most colors found in the male business-wardrobe. Best are light gray, tan, and beige suits – all colors that are most popular in spring and summer.

Solid color light blue ties are most formal and are commonly chosen neckties for summer weddings. Solid ties with less shine are a touch less formal, light blue ties with polka dots and other foulards are trendy yet classy, and striped light blue ties are the ones with the most business-like look.

The Psychology & Meaning of the Color Light Blue:

Blue is a soothing and tranquil color, and creates the exact opposite emotional responses to bright red. Blue instantly has a calming effect on people. There is a reason why the US Navy changed the night light from reds to a more calming blue. Blue is also said to portray loyalty – hence many fashion experts recommend a dark navy blue suit, and blue striped tie to a job interview. Depending on the shade of blue, blue can be soothing as well as cold and depressing. The most soothing blues are the ones found in nature such as ocean blue and sky-blue.