Men's Ties in Lime, Sage, Mint & Other Light Greens

Ties in light green, lime, and bright apple-green are popular ties in the spring and summer. They are all colors that perfectly compliment a warm and sunny day. Below you will find all our neckties in a lighter shade of green. Besides the bright greens you will find popular wedding-greens such as fern, sage, moss, and tea-green.

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Different Shades of Lighter Greens

Since there are dozens of different shades of green in fashion and the textile industry we decided to sort our ties into two different green tie category: Light Green Ties (shown here) as well as our assortment of Darker Green Ties. In this selection of ties in a lighter shade of green you will find colors such as lime, apple-green, bright green, moss and fern green, sage (including the popular wedding color dusty sage), chartreuse, spring-green, pear-green, and more. Want to see the fabric before deciding to buy the actual ties? Then check out all our lighter green fabric swatches here.

Matching Light-Green Neckties

The necktie in light green color is predominant in the spring and early summer. Wearing a bright apple-green tie on a dark, overcast day in the fall is a little out of place. When matching the light green tie to the rest of your outfit, make sure that all clothing items fit into the season – meaning lighter colors and fabrics on shirts and suits. Good suit colors for the light green tie are any shade of gray, navy, tan, beige, and light browns. Black suits are less suited, and if a dark colored suit is the preferred look, then a dark charcoal gray would be a much better choice than black.

Light Green – A Popular Wedding Color

Certain light green shades are always popular wedding colors. A few years ago it was a brighter lime green that was trending for weddings, in 2021/22 it was mint that was a best selling color, and for Spring/Summer 2024 wedding season more muted greens such as dusty sage, fern, and olive take the top spots. If you are uncertain if one of our ties will match your wedding color, then we suggest ordering one of our 3x5 inch fabric swatches first that are available for our best selling ties.

The Psychology & Meaning of the Light-Green Color

Green is a mix of the base colors cyan (blue) and yellow, and the more yellow is added the lighter the green will be. Yellow is a very warm color that triggers happiness, while blue is much more calming and peaceful. It is not surprising that the color green shares a little bit of each. Light green is said to have a warming effect on people. It also portrays confidence and creates trust. When dressing with a light green tie to work you will likely to be perceived as a positive person. Make sure to wear this tie in the right season. Wearing a light green tie, as well as any other spring-time necktie color, during winter might come across as a touch flamboyant.