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View our latest collection of bow ties made from linen. The collection below features 100% linen bow ties as well as bow ties made from a linen and silk fabric blend. Choose from classic self-tie orĀ convenient pre-tied style.

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Linen vs Silk Certainly, most quality bow ties are made from pure silk. While silk is still our most sold bow tie fabric, there are some instances when you may want to consider other fabrics. Linen is a perfect spring and summer fabric for your bow ties. Especially when these bow ties are in a lighter pastel hue will they be excellent accessories for your summer linen shirts, cotton suits, and seersucker jackets. While silk bow ties are well suited for any season, linen should be worn only during the daytime and sunny days. Linen bow ties are perfect for weddings, yet they are unsuited for formal black tie events.