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Love wearing ties as much as we do? Then show off your favorite Bows-N-Ties look here! Simply post a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #bowsnties. Besides a little bit of fame, your submission will also be entered into a weekly $50 GIFT CARD drawing.

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“Blue Green” by Donna Morgan:We were a bit surprised of the name. We would have expected a more artistic name for this turquoise/aqua hue. Nevertheless, the color name “Blue Green” perfectly describes this hue. It reminds us of Caribbean waters, making it a perfect hue for your spring and summer wedding under open air. When it comes to wearing these neckties/bow ties, we recommend stone-gray or navy suits. Tan and beige suits would be our second pick. For more, similar hued tie choices, please view all our Turquoise, Mint, & Aqua Ties HERE