February 21, 2018

Gothic Wedding Inspiration

Plan A Gothic Wedding


Gothic + Glam 

If you gravitate towards palettes of blacks and victorian details, a gothic infused wedding could be the glam wedding you have always dreamed of. A gothic wedding is moody, dramatic and notably stunning. There’s a remarkable appeal to rethinking and redefining traditions to fit your aesthetic. A gothic wedding isn’t the right fit for everyone, but it’s exceptionally perfect for a particular few. Could a gothic wedding be for you? We think so if you adore black lace, luxurious table settings and dark, embellished decor. Get inspired with this collection of gothic inspired wedding ideas and definitely own this look by visiting our Pinterest Wedding Board for Gothic Weddings. And when it comes to accessorizing your groomsmen, let us help you choose the perfect wedding ties and bow ties in rich blacks. Here’s a peek at a few of our best sellers.



Plan A Gothic Wedding

Textured Black Skinny Tie       |      Ribbed Tie in Black       |      Floral Paisley Tie 

Herringbone Black Tie      |      Solid Black Bow Tie     |        Corduroy Silk Tie in Black


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February 20, 2018

Guide To Men’s Socks

Know everything you need to know about menswear socks with these three informative sock guides. Building a better, stronger wardrobe requires attention to detail and that surely includes socks. It’s key to own more than a handful of athletic socks and a few pairs of black socks.  After all, socks are the work horse of any good look. Learn about all the variety of socks and when, where and how to wear them.


If you’ve invested in a dapper wardrobe of suits and casual wear, go the extra step and compliment these pieces with the proper socks and footwear. Socks are relatively a small investment when it comes to fashion, that pay off big when done right.



Men's Socks Infographic

The golden rule, the taller the sock, the more formal it is. Here’s a guide from no-sock, to ankle sock, to mid calf to over the calf which is the most formal.


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February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Wedding Ideas

Wedding Inspiration For Valentines


Be Mine, Forever 

What better day than Valentines, to explore the romantic possibilities of wedding reds. If you have always been a Valentine’s enthusiast, you might what to go full level Cupid and plan your day for February 14th and do it in a palette of strong, profound reds. Reds pair best with whites, navy blues, and all tones of grays. With big colors, you want to use them sparingly but confidently. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in a bright red wedding gown and have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in neutrals with red accents. We picked out six of our top requested wedding red accessories for wedding parties but also be sure to check out our full collection of ties in a spectrum of reds. If you think, a Valentine’s Day wedding could be for you, be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for red weddings.


Cupid's Groomsmen Ties


Cupid’s Tie       |       Skinny Tie in Bright Red       |        Embroidered Red Tie  

Polka Dot Red Necktie       |       Bold Red Bow Tie        |      Texture Tie in Red and Black 


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February 13, 2018

Look Of The Week: The Light Blue Suit

Best Blues in Menswear


Tailored Blue Suit

Cornflower Knit Tie 

Dress Shirt 

White Pocket Square

Tie Bar



​The More Blues, The Better

Fashion tip: you can never have have too many blues. Blue is that one color that everyone looks good in. This dapper menswear look by @the_classy_lad showcases the power of mixing an assortment of bespoke blues to create something remarkably dapper. When you’re eager to inject some youthful playfulness into your wardrobe, opt for a lighter blue suit and accessorize with modern pieces. For example, this corn blue knit tie with a squared tip adds a contemporary coolness to this already chic ensemble. This look is perfect for a date night or a wedding -or even a holiday event.


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February 12, 2018

Wedding Color Inspiration In Steel Blue

Wedding Ideas in Steel Blue


The Right Blue

The dilemma brides (almost) always have when carefully and intensively picking their wedding palette: they want blue but what blue is the right blue. And with the disclaimer there’s no right answer, we can easily say there’s no better blue than steel blue. Check out this calm, cool collected wedding hue that seems to go with everything. It’s confident, sophisticated and works well in all seasons and all venues. We particularly are enamored with this lovely shade of blue when it is teamed up with an gamut of soft spoken pastels and dark moody navy blues. It’s so hard to officially commit to a wedding palette, but to help you find the right color for you and your wedding party, we’ve created Pinterest Boards for an array of popular wedding colors. Check them all out on Pinterest and be sure to check out all the wedding options in a variety of blues. Our wedding specialist picked out her favorite steel blue groom and groomsmen accessories to choose from too.


Steel Blue Wedding Neckties


Steel Blue Wool Tie       |       Polka Dot in Steel Blue         |       Check Plaid Tie in Blue

Paisley Necktie in Blues       |      Polka Dotted Tie in Blue       |      Barleycorn Tie in Blue


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