How to Accessorize a Navy Blue Suit


Everyone needs a hand sometimes, so we’re here to give tips on accessorizing. A navy blue 3 piece suit may seem like a simple suit to accessorize, but there are some do’s and don’ts that apply to the navy blue. Some do’s include: wearing brown shoes to create the ultimate look, linen always goes well with the rich blue hue, and never be afraid to combine unique colors with the navy blue. A few don’ts include: be cautious when wearing a navy blazer with a solid black shirt and a navy blazer is perfect for a casual look, but don’t get too comfortable. @cyrillibrahim created a perfect look to follow when looking to incorporate brown into your outfit. We love the paring of the leather watch band and soft brown necktie. Finding focal points like these really lets people know that you’re taking style seriously. To help you create this look we’ve provided links to the items below:


3-piece Navy Blue Suit

Soft Blue Button-up



Pocket Square



When to Wear a Double Breasted Suit

The Double Breasted Suit

The traditional double-breasted suit incorporates a six by two button design along the front of the suit. These buttons are formulated in neat columns creating a flawless way to elevate your casual look.


Know When to Wear a DB Suit

Know all the acceptable events and times to wear your classic Double Breasted Suit. The polished look is literally timeless in its fit and color palette.  When choosing to wear a double-breasted suit you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing it for the perfect occasion. This look has the ability to be the ideal ensemble for a day of important office meetings and easily transitions into celebratory after-work drinks.


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The Ideal Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

Summer Red Floral Necktie


Are you looking for the ideal outfit to wear to one of the many Summer Weddings you’ll be attending this summer? We’ve got you covered. You’ll look elegant and dashing without upstaging the groom. Our style expert @runnineverlong designed the perfect summer wedding look. We love the subtle hints of red incorporated throughout the outfit. We also noticed the leather on the shoes combines perfectly with the strap of the watch. Little elements like this really let people know you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. To help you create this look we’ve provided links to the items below:


Leather Watch
Striped Socks
Floral Necktie
Wholecut Oxfords
Pocket Square
Slim Blazer
Classic Shirt
Light Grey Chinos

Floral Wedding Inspiration

Weddings With Lots of Flowers

Fun in Florals 

Take your wedding style to the next level of boho beauty with floral prints. Pattern play your way to a chic wedding style with these creative wedding ideas that show the potential an fun that can be had with florals. Compliment your floral patterns with DIY flower crowns, big boutonnieres, and garden wedding bouquets. With flowers, you have a million choices; you can go over the top or minimalistic. We recommend going overboard with your flowers. Check out the possibilities by visiting our Garden Wedding Pinterest Board. We have picked out some of our most charming floral groomsmen accessories to help inspire you. A floral wedding can we bright and bold or dramatic and moody depending on the season, that’s completely up to you.


Wedding Style With Floral Prints

Retro Floral Tie    |     Designer Floral Tie    |        Purple Floral Tie 

Navy Floral Tie      |    Burgundy Floral Tie    |    Flower Power Tie  


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How To Wear A Double Breasted Suit

Designer Work Style




Dress Shirt


Tie Bar


Delightful Style in A Double Breasted Suit

There’s a mid-century coolness to the double breasted suit. We love the look from @kevsyim who smartly and successfully pairs a windowpane suit with a dark blue necktie. The polished look is literally timeless in its fit and color palette and is something we can’t wait to emulate for the office. Dark grays and navy blues make a great menswear duo and can be paired with both brown and black shoes depending on what you prefer. Check out these links to recreate this featured look of the week and discover new brands at the same time.

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