April 19, 2018

Wedding Ideas in Sky Blue

Sky Blue Spring Weddings


Sky’s (Blues) The Limit


Nothing is more romantic or charming than an assorted collection of beautiful sky blues. Sky’s the limit on your big day so make sure you get the most out for your wedding color palette. Everyone wears soft blues well, so make sure to be enthusiastic with your usage. We love the thought of a statement sky blue wedding gown for you and softer shades of blue dresses for your groomsmen. Depending on your groom’s sense of adventure, you can have him and his groomsmen wear dark blue suits and sky blue accessories. Here are a few of our favorite ties, bow ties and pocket squares in this perfect shade of wedding blue. For more ideas, visit our Pinterest Board for Blue Weddings.



Groomsmen Ties in Sky Blue

Sky Blue Tie     |      Striped Tie in Blue       |      White and Blue Pocket Square

Linen Bow Tie      |     Gingham Tie in Sky Blue        |     Striped Tie in Blue


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April 15, 2018

Look Of The Week: Spring Blues

Best Spring Style For Men


Textured Gray Blazer

White Oxford

Pin Dot Tie 

Blue Tie Bar

Pocket Square 



Essential Spring Blues

​Instantly feel the easy-going vibes of Spring by trading out your winters neutrals for vibrant blues. This week, we’re featuring a look by @thedressedchest that is pure seasonal style. From the textured blazer to the intriguing assortment of menswear blue accessories, this look gives us major style aspirations. Pale blues and bright blues play well together and look contemporary and professional without a hint of office stuffiness. We love the pro touch of coordinating a colorful tie bar with your necktie and pocket square.  A new season calls for new colors and nothing beats a palette of blues.



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April 11, 2018

Wedding Ideas in All Pink

All Pink Wedding Ideas


Pink On Pink 

If you’re a bride to be that is obsessed with pink, we’re here to tell you that you can have all the pinks you’ve ever dreamed of. We are here to prove that you can load up on a palette of pinks and have a modern, chic grownup wedding. Check out these ideas on tasteful ways to mix light and bright pinks. From flowers to groomsmen accessories to creative decor accents, you can boldly do it in pinks and pair them with classic wedding whites. Pinks and whites can be very glam when done right. Hint: put your groomsmen in a white tuxedos with big blooming bouquets in electric pinks. For more ideas in vibrant wedding pinks, visit our Pinterest Board for Pink Weddings. We’ve also picked out this assortment of vibrant pink wedding accessories for a pretty in pink wedding party.


Modern Pink Wedding Ties


Electric Pink Knit Tie       |        Hot Pink Necktie        |       Flamingo Pink Tie 

Textured Tie in Pink        |         Electric Pink Bow Tie       |       Multi Pink Wedding Tie 


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April 10, 2018

Casual Chic in Chinos

Designer Style in Chinos and Blazer

Suit Jacket



Pocket Square

Navy Loafers 



Casual Chic Style 

Creating a standout casual menswear look is harder than it looks; it’s easy to look disheveled and unruly when wearing cotton chinos and a tee. That’s not the case with this stellar Look of The Week by @kevsyim who is an absolute pro at creating a chic, cool aesthetic. This weekender look is pure perfection in color and fabric choices. The key to dressing up your chinos is picking fashion forward shoes like these blue tassel loafers. With a few staple accessories like a blue and white linen pocket square and modern belt and a blazer, you can transform a simple tee and chino combo into something simply superb.


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April 8, 2018

How To Mix Your Menswear Patterns

Custom Suit and Silk Accessories


Custom Suit

Striped Dress Shirt 

Geometric Patterned Pocket Square 

Medallion Silk  Tie 


Perfecting your menswear accessorizing game takes practice and moxie. We love this look from @dapper.one who takes a classic pin stripe gray suit and gives it an artistic spin with big, colorful patterns. Don’t be afraid to layer your patterns. Our look of the week shows that even the most unexpected patterns can play well together likes stripes, medallions and geometric patterns. This fierce look is enough to inspire anyone to think big and accessorize with more patterns and bolder colors. Pro tip: stock up on an array of menswear accessories in similar color palettes to make mixing and matching easier and more seamless.


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