October 26, 2016

Wedding Inspiration For Halloween Weddings

Planning A Halloween Wedding


Celebrate your love of the Halloween with a 10/31 Wedding Day. It can be terrifyingly wonderful for you and your fellow Halloween enthusiasts. This unorthodox wedding approach is perfect for those who want something spooky and mysterious.  For a dramatic aesthetic, we recommend black wedding gowns, lacey black bridesmaid dresses, burnt orange groomsmen accessories and a wild assortment of scary props.  For groomsmen accessories, we like the pop of orange against the black suits and dresses. Here are a few of our favorites. Be sure to check out our Halloween Wedding Pinterest Board for more ideas.



Halloween Wedding Ties


Solid Orange Tie           |          Pumpkin Orange Tie          |          Orange and Black Striped Tie

Checkered Tie      |        Dark Orange Bow Tie        |      Striped Orange Bow Tie

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October 24, 2016

Look Of The Week: Tile Tie in White + Blue

Mexican Tile Tie

Navy Suit

White Dress Shirt

Mexican Tile Tie




The 80/20 Menswear Solution To Style.  Balance your wardrobe perfectly with the 80/20 rule of 80 percent solids + 20 percent patterns. This featured Look Of The Week by @thedistinguishedgentleman_ handsomely illustrates this strategy by pairing a slim fit navy blue suit with a punchy tile patterned tie in white and blue.  Aim for a graceful simplicity when pairing solid suits with patterned ties. Accessorizing is always a balancing act of trying to perfectly compliment your menswear basics.  This chic cotton patterned tie adds the right dose of punch and to any look, especially a navy blue suit.

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October 20, 2016

Single Women Share Their Turn Ons, Turn Offs

Single Women's Opinion on Menswear



5 Questions of What Women Prefer When It Comes To Men’s Style – Turn Ons and Turn Offs

We surveyed 1,500 single ladies from the  age range of 18 – 34 and asked them what they consider turn ons and turn offs when it comes to  menswear. These are the results.  We created this powerful infographic to visualize the data collected.

The statistical insight of knowing what women want in men is empowering and can be crucial in successfully navigating modern day dating. Do your single mates a solid and share this infographic.

Some key data: 83% of women thinks it’s a turn off to see men wearing suits without socks. It’s official, women have spoken and have disputed one of 2016’s biggest trends. Despite the plethora of editorial pictures of suited, sockless men  -women prefer men with the good sense to wear socks. 

73% of women consider facial stubble a turn on. The data doesn’t lie. Women like their dates to be well dressed with a hint of rugged so next time you debate whether to shave or not for a date, opt for no. Stubble is a definite plus.

60% of women prefer men who accessorizes in neckties and 72% of women find it a turn on when a gentleman wears tie on a date. The takeaway here: when wooing, wear a necktie!  Don’t second guess it, just do it.  

From these 5 questions, it’s clear that women like to be wooed in style. They like the formality associated with dating and like to gradually fall into something more casual as the relationship progresses into something long term. The good news, women like their significant other in jeans and a t-shirt.

If your currently single, dress up for your dates to guarantee yourself a next date. All this stubble and accessorizing will pay off in the end. After your dating turns into a relationship, you can begin to dress in your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt.

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October 19, 2016

Wedding Color Inspiration For Palm Leaf Green

Wedding in Tropical Greens


Palm leaves make everything perfect -including your wedding day.  Capture all the botanical beauty you can handle by created a wedding in a palette of whites, blacks, tans and palm leaf greens. There’s a tropical allure to a wedding in Palm Leaf green that is swoon worthy. Wouldn’t you agree?  At one point, we have all dreamed about a Beach Wedding of some kind. Make it come to life one way or another by picking this lusciously chic color as you wedding hue. Imagine palm fronds, beachside walks, tropical arches and a day that looks like it is straight out of paradise.


Wedding Ties in Tropical Green




Fern Green Bow Tie          |          Knit Tie           |        Worsted Wool Tie in Palm

Pin Dot Tie          |        Textured Green Tie     |     Solid Green Tie


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October 17, 2016

Look Of The Week: Tweed Suit and Stripes

Brown Wool Suit and Gray Striped Tie

Tweed Suit 

Blue Shirt 

Striped Tie in Charcoals and Grays

White Pocket Square



Our love of tweed is well documented through the years, so undoubtedly you’ll know instantly why we love this Featured Look of the Week by the talented @mustafakacar.  For the record, we think everyone should own at least one brown tweed suit. We adore this Autumn look that combines a dark brown tweed suit with a light blue dress shirt and a skinny striped tie in a shade of charcoals and grays. Texture is everything this Fall and this ensemble captures that.  Dark browns pairs well with light blues and are easy to accessorize. And remember, when mixing with a lot of colors and textures, a simple silk white pocket square can effortlessly tie all the components together.


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