July 20, 2016

Wedding Color Inspiration For Dove Gray

Wedding Inspiration For Dove Gray


Dove Gray is a particularly cool wedding hue that is equal parts sophisticated and simple. Curate your dream day by picking dove gray as your core wedding color and accenting it with pops of ivories, whites and one punchy accent color. Coral is a great option for a casual wedding. Gold is perfect for formal weddings. Picking a light neutral like dove gray promises dreamy results. no matter what. When it came to researching this elegant hue, we couldn’t stop pinning. Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for Dove Gray Wedding Inspiration. We also curated an assortment of our favorite ties in dove gray.


Wedding Ties in Dove Gray


Polka Dot Tie        |         Striped Tie          |          Houndstooth Tie

Cashmere Tie     |    Formal Silk Tie in Dove Gray       |     Paisley Tie





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July 18, 2016

Look Of The Week – Italian Style


Italian Linen Blazer and Knit Tie

Linen Blazer by Emporio Sirenuse

White Dress Shirt by Inglese Abbigliamento

Chinos by Roy Rogers

Knit Tie by Bows-N-Ties

Pocket Square by The Pocket Square Industry

Mesh Watch by Kapton & Son

Sunglasses by Hawkers

Belt  by Pakerson

Our Featured Look of The Week is created by the talented and fashionable Italian menswear influencer Gianluca Ala. We shopped this dapper summer look and discovered some simply amazing brands and menswear pieces that we are so excited to share with you.  Do you speak Italian? Shopping online Italian stores is one way to learn.  This handsome look is a swoon worth combination of linens, knits and cottons in a palette of blues and whites. We like the variety of brands that Gianluca pieced together to create a dynamite look that we cannot wait to replicate this summer.  Discover some new favorite items and brands by shopping the links above. Tell us what you think of this look in the comments. Ciao! 

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July 13, 2016

Coastal Chic Wedding Inspiration

Inspiration for Coastal Wedding



There’s no denying the vast beauty of the coastline. For those of you who love the ocean, a coastal chic wedding could be the perfect fit for you. There’s a cool and unscripted charm to a coastal  weddings. Think of the all the possibilities: the earth tone color palette, sweet pastel accent colors,  driftwood table settings,  homemade succulent boutonnieres, crashing waves as you say your “I Do’s.”  The list of pluses is endless.  There were so many ideas that had to start pinning. Check out our Destination Wedding Pinterest Board for wedding ideas inspired by the ocean and its coastlines. We offer an array of wedding ties that are perfect for this venue. Our stylist recommends opting for natural earth tones and ocean blues and says bow ties are a great option -especially since neckties don’t do well in heavy coast winds.



Self Tie Bow Ties for Coastal Weddings


Ivory Striped Bow Tie    |     Gingham Bow Tie      |     Bow Tie in Stone

Striped Bow Tie in Blue      |       Denim and Tan Bow Tie      |     Herringbone Bow Tie in Blues

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July 11, 2016

Summer’s Go To Pattern Is Gingham

Gingham Fashion Items For Men

Gingham Shirt in Yellow

Bow Tie 

Gingham Swim Trunks 

Gingham Shirt in Blues

Pocket Square 


Multi Color Gingham Tie




More gingham, please.  Everyone loves gingham whether in small dose like a pocket square or in statement pieces like a linen blazer. We have picked out some our favorite gingham fashion pieces both big and small to complete you summer look.  Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to everything Gingham for more links to gingham fashion pieces.  Gingham is that quintessential summer pattern that modernizes anything it is paired with.

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July 8, 2016

Look Of The Week – Our Crested Skinny Tie

Crested Skinny Tie And Blazer

Gray Blazer


Crested Skinny Tie 

White Pocket Square 

Black Pants

Add some prestige to your workwear basics with this statement crested skinny tie in forest green. This show-stopping accessory breathes style into anything and everything it is paired with. We love ensemble created by he ultra fashionable Philippe Gazar and were inspired to make it our Look Of The Week. Look well dressed in no time by pairing your black trousers with a white dress shirt, gray blazer and white pocket square. The crested tie pulls all the components together and gives it that regal, smart finishing touch. Sometimes, all an outfit needs is one statement accessory.

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