May 24, 2017

Ties for Sigma Alpha Mu

Want to show your greek spirit? Then we at Bows-N-Ties have now been selected as the official licensee to create greek branded products. Featured here is a new design we created for Sigma Alpha Mu which will be available later in July as neckties and bow ties.

Design #1:

For the first design our designers took the SAM greek letters and arranged them to create a check pattern design. Imprinted on 100% silk, these fabrics are of extremely high quality. The neckties feature a classic width of 3.1 inches while the matching silk bow ties will come as a self-tie style.
Sigma Alpha Mu Silk NecktiesSigmaAlphaMu Self Tie Bow Ties

Design #2:

For the second design we were inspired by a classic diagonal striped design using the SAM signature colors of purple and gold. A detailed Sigma Alpha Mu crest is embroidered at the tip of the tie. Made in satin microfiber these ties look and feel like a pure silk tie but will be available for under $20.
Sigma Alpha Mu Striped TiesSigmaAlphaMu Striped Bow Ties

Photos of Actual Fabric Swatches:

Below are close-up photos of the fabrics we created for the different SAE branded tie designs above. After re-checking accurate color match and logo design we submitted these two necktie and two bow tie designs for Sigma Alpha My for production. We expect to have these SAM branded ties in stock in July with prices ranging from $20-$30.

May 23, 2017

Ties for Sigma Alpha Epsilon

We at Bows-N-Ties have been approved as an official licensee to produce greek branded neckwear and we are excited to showcase some of the new fraternity tie collections that will be arriving later this July. Each week we are showcasing 3-4 new fraternity ties and for today we are giving you a preview for neckties and bow ties we made for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Design #1:

For the first design our designers created a geometric pattern using the greek SAE letters and colors. To ensure bright and accurate colors, we printed this design on 100% silk using a modern digital fabric printer. The neckties feature a classic width of 3.1 inches while the bow ties will come as a classic self-tie style. Not sure how to tie a bow tie? Not a problem. Each SAE bow tie will ship with detailed bow tie tying instructions!
SigmaAlphaEpsilon NecktiesSigmaAlphaEpsilon Bow Ties

Design #2:

For the second SAE fraternity tie we chose a modern skinny repp-stripe design. The slimmed down width, the repp textured fabric, as well as the embroidered SAE coat of arms create a preppy modern accessory.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skinny Mens TiesSigma Alpha Epsilon Mens Bowtie

Photos of Fabric Swatches:

Below are detailed photos of the actual fabric swatches that we produced according to the design spec sheets above. After we re-checked correct Pantone colors and logo details we submitted these collections for production.

May 19, 2017

Ties for Pi Kappa Phi

We at Bows-N-Ties are excited to have been approved as a fully licensed designer and manufacturer of greek branded neckties and bow ties. While our first collection of fraternity ties is currently still in production, we already wanted to give you a preview of some of our favorite designs. Below are two necktie and bow tie designs we designed for Pi Kappa Phi which is expected to be in stock come later this Summer.

Design #1

The first design we created for Pi Kappa Phi features a bright color palette and an all-over design of their more contemporary logo. The fabrics are made from a 100% printed silk created rich colors and sheen. A fantastic summer tie and bow tie!

Pi Kappa Phi Silk TiesPi Kappa Phi Printed Bow Ties

Design #2

For the 2nd design our designers wanted to create something a bit more fashion forward. That being said, we opted for a slimmed down cut of 2.75 inches. The design of woven coat of arms paired with a repp stripe design gives this tie a preppy and trendy look. A great tie for any fitted suit or blazer.

Pi Kappa Phi coat of arms necktiesPi Kappa Phi logo bow ties

Actual Fabric Swatches

To ensure that the detailed of these two designs match all of Pi Kappa Phi’s branding guidelines, we first created these fabric swatches. Once all details and color matches were signed off on, we submitted for the final production run.

May 18, 2017

Ties for Pi Kappa Alpha

As a fully licensed manufacturer of greek branded ties, we are excited to give you a sneak preview of these 4 designs we created for Pi Kappa Alpha. About two weeks ago we received the fabric swatches of these designs, and after ensuring that all details match Pi Kappa Alpha’s branding, we have now submitted them for production. We expect to have these 4 designs in stock later this Summer with pricing ranging from $15-$30.

Design #1

For the the first design our designers chose Pi Kappa Alpha’s signature reds and gold to create this classic silk tie with embroidered greek lettering. A classic tie width of 3.1 inches paired with classic colors and pattern create a timelessly elegant accessory. The detailed embroidered logo on the back adds another unique detail that you won’t find on other Pi Kappa Alpha branded ties. The matching bow ties will be made as a self-tied style just like the true bow tie aficionado requests. This collection will likely retail for $25-$30.

Pi Kappa Alpha greek letter necktiesPi Kappa Alpha bow ties

Design #2

For the 2nd Pi Kappa Alpha design, our designers wanted to create something more trendy and preppy. That being said, we opted for a slimmer 2.75 inch cut and paired it with a repp stripe design and a woven crest at the bottom of the tie.

Pi Kappa Alpha skinny tiesPi Kappa Alpha striped bow ties

Actual Fabric Swatches

Below are actual fabric swatches for the 2 designs above that we had made prior to the production run in order to ensure proper color match as well as logo details.

May 17, 2017

Who Wore It Best UK

Our Who Wore It Best UK  is here featuring these five English menswear influencers @theexiledbrit@cutsforhim,  @cantimagineit@suitandtiefixation, and @that_dapper_chap.  We sent each of these fashion influencers our skinny glen plaid tie and asked them to style it. Vote for your favorite look of the five and instantly be entered into our contest to win this tie. One voter will be randomly selected once the contest is over. 

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