1 Knit Tie + 14 Shirts

Skinny Navy Knit ie and Shirt Navy Knit Tie and Gingham Button Down Heathered Gray Shirt and Knit Tie ClubMonaco_Knit11 Textured Dress Shirt and Knit Tie Navy Dress Shirt and Navy Knit Tie   Checkered Shirt and Navy Knit Tie White Textured Tie and Navy Knit Tie Light Blue Dress Shirt and Navy Knit Tie Pink and White Dress Shirt and Knit Tie ClubMonaco_Knit5 Textured Shirt and Knit Tie ClubMonaco_Knit7Bright Blue Shirt and Navy Knit Tie

1 Knit Tie


14 Club Monaco Shirts 


The Versatility of The Classic Navy Blue Knit Tie 

That knit ties are all the rage these days is nothing new. Needless to say, we are avid fans of the classics and we stand firmly behind our love of the quintessential navy blue knit tie. This fashion accessory is MANDATORY in our book. To highlight its versatility, we took this one tie and paired it up with fourteen dress shirts to create looks that all have their own dapper perks. There’s a stylish familiarity to the knit tie that everyone is attracted to. No matter your aesthetic, whether you gravitate towards preppy, modern or retro -the navy blue knit is for you.


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