7 Rules for Skinny Ties

Fashion Rules for Skinny Neckties

Skinny Tie

The skinny necktie is a mens tie that has a width of 1.5-2.5 inches. It is a fashion accessory that was first introduced in the late 1960s, and although skinny neckwear are highly fashionable and season specific, they are clothing accessories that any man should have in his closet. Below are 10 tips you should follow when thinking about adding a skinny necktie to your ensemble.

  1. Match the tie with to the suit lapels. Skinny ties look best when worn with narrow lapels
  2. Skinny ties look best with 1 or 2 button suit or blazer jackets.
  3. Don’t wear a dress shirt with a wide spread collar when wearing skinny ties. The best shirts collars have a medium to narrow collar spread. Also, button down collars are less suited for narrow neckties.
  4. Match the narrow tie with a smaller, slightly asymmetric tie knot. A perfect tie knot is the so called four in Hand knot. Please see our guide on How to Tie a Necktie for more information.
  5. Skinny ties look best on tall and thin men. Stocky, short, and overweight men should stay away from narrow ties as they will add even more pounds to the frame.
  6. Keep the patterns and colors simple and modern. Traditional patterns such as Regimental stripes, paisleys, and polka dots are less suited for skinny ties. Best are solid colors, knitted skinny ties, and modern stripes, as well as checks of all sorts.
  7. Add a tie clip! A simple tie clip in polished silver or gold will be a perfect accessory for the skinny tie.

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