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Meet Fashion Influencer, Wale Soluade – Founder and Creator of A Curated Man. This GQ Fashion Insider is a power house when it comes to menswear. His cutting-edge combinations never cease to amaze and inspire us. No matter how bold he goes, Mr. Soluade always get it right!  We wanted to know his secrets. Check out our Q + A with the A Curated Man and be sure to check out his website and his Instagram feed.

Q + A With A Curated Man

Bows-N-Ties: How and when did you become interested in menswear?
A Curated Man: “I think I’ve always been interested in menswear and just style period, even when I thought that was represented by sweatpants and football jersey’s. I went a private high school where we were required to wear uniforms, and I found myself using my choice of shoes, belts, accessories and back-packs to express my personal style.”

Bows-N-Ties: Who and what inspires you?
A Curated Man:My biggest inspiration has always been my father.  As a child, I got to watch him getting dressed for work in the morning and accompanied him on visits to his tailors and shoemaker’s.  The smell of leather at one of his favorite shoe stores in London is still one of my fondest memories.  Now, I find inspiration all over the place.  I particularly appreciate architecture and often find myself comparing the construction of great buildings to well crafted garments.”


Designer Regimental Green Tie

Bows-N-Ties: How many suits do you own?
A Curated Man:My wardrobe currently contains 49 suits and 36 jackets and sport coats.”

Bows-N-Ties: How many ties do you own?
A Curated Man:I’ve got 89 ties at the moment.  I probably need to purge my wardrobe as while I wear ties anywhere from 5-6 days out of the week, some of them just never make it into rotation.”


Designer Emblem Patterned Silk Tie

Bows-N-Ties: How would your describe your fashion aesthetic?
A Curated Man:  “The vast majority of my wardrobe is tailored clothing and as my knowledge continues to deepen there, so does my appreciation.  My aesthetic is rooted in what I would like to think is elegant timelessness with a bit of a spin.  I work in what is probably one of the more conservative industries attire-wise, but part of my personal brand is how I balance that with self-expression.”


A Curated Man in Polka Dot Tie

Bows-N-Ties: What advice would you give men just becoming interested in fashion and beginning to define their style?
A Curated Man: “Take your time to learn – not just about what works for you but also why it works.  One becomes less likely to be swayed by what magazines etc., tell you that you should be wearing.  Then invest in the classics first such as a well made navy suit.”



Bows-N-Ties: If you had to name one thing, what would be your favorite thing in your wardrobe right now?
A Curated Man: “This is a tough question. Right now, I think my favorite thing/s are these coral bracelets and coral ring I brought back from my recent trip home to Nigeria. I’ve worn them everyday for the last month or so and actually have put away all of my other accessories.”

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