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JGL Knows How To Dress

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There’s no doubt about it:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt can act.  He has starred in some of our favorite movies like Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises.  And now were about to see him in Don Jon later this month in a comedy in which he directed and starred. He as also caught our idea with his old world sense of Menswear Style. JGL knows how to suit up! Here are some of our favorite JGL looks.

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There’s not one component that we dislike in this get up.  We love the color palette, the mixes of pattern, the plaid skinny tie and the black sunglasses. This aesthetic somehow is modern and timeless all in one.

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You know you have a style icon on your hands when he can rock a classic navy blue suit and make it look fresh.  We love the idea of a black and white polka dot tie paired with a single breasted two button navy blue suit.

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Never discount a man in polka dots!  We are bemused by this photo op as well as impressed by the playful combo of a polka dot shirt and coordinating polka dot bow tie in inverse colors. We also like the idea of pairing a solid white bow tie with this patterned shirt.

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This simple look of a striped shirt, a solid black tie and a lightweight blazer is sensational and nostalgic of another era.  We are in search of this shirt with this perfect collar.


This simple combo of a vertical striped self tie bow tie and a heathered suit is tres chic.  This inspires us to design a collection of timeless striped bow ties.

Keep your eye on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We have our suspicions that he is on his way to becoming one of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

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