Art with Neckties

Yesterday we stumbled upon Bay Area artists Isaac Amala & Liz Simpson who created some very unique sculptures using old men’s neckties. We love these pieces so much that we decided to feature some of our favorites here on our blog. Additonally, we also made this part of our weekly giveaway. Visit this picture gallery and comment what comes to your mind when looking at each of these pieces. We will award the “best” comment a $50 gift card to our site.

art-with-necktiesA very unique piece by Berkley artists Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson made completely from silk ties. We love the combination of shape, texture, and colors.

art-sculptures-necktiesGot 30 foot vaulted ceilings at home? Then this tree-like structure made from neckties might be a suitable art piece for you.

mens-ties-artful-sculpturesWhile the 30-foot sized necktie tree above might not fit into the average home, this wall hung sculpture would. We love the combination to textures, shape, and colors. Maybe we will be hanging one in our new office space (if we can even get our hands on this art) =)

Here is a comment from the artists about using neckties for their work:





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