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Greetings from Como, Italy. Time has come again to pick out fabrics for our 2016 collections. Somewhat overwhelmed by so many fantastic new designs, our buyers need your input. Over the next few days we will be asking you for help. We want your input! Vote for your favorite design above! We will produce the top 3 in 5 different colors ways as neckties as well as self-tied bow ties.


After meeting several Italian fabric mills that specialize in textile designs for men’s ties, we noticed a couple new trends that we are excited to bring to the US market for 2016. Classic prints on coarse wool fabrics where evident in every designer’s collection. Most of these were vintage paisleys and big medallion prints from the 50s and 60s. These old designs were revamped with a new contemporary color palette of bright blues, rich greens, as well as a wide array of spice colors for the Fall/Winter. Also new are so called “gum prints” which are very unique silk fabrics that are first piece dyed in one single color, and then overprinted using a digital fabric printer. The result is a velvet like silk that has an unusual rubbery texture and matte sheen. Last but not least is the resurgence of classic regimental stripes. Stay tuned for an all new regimental collection here at Bows-N-Ties that will be available early April 2016.

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