Best Ties for Gingham Check Shirts

As part of our weekly tie giveaway via our Facebook page, we asked our 6,000+ fans which of these four ties would look best with a gingham shirt. The opinions were quite strong on whether or not you can mix two different plaids, and some even made the argument that stripes and checks should not be worn together. While we at Bows-N-Ties would make the argument that both combinations are indeed not only possible, but can be quite stylish, we wanted to hear from our customers, readers, and facebook fans.

The Results:

1st Place: Tie#3 (50.8% of Votes)

More than half of the votes go to the bright magenta pink tie (#3), making this a clear winner for the gingham check shirt, according to our 6,000+ Facebook fans. Most people commented on the color that would literally “pop” of the gray, charcoal, and white checkered shirt. The solid color design of this tie is certainly also a no brainer – making it a very versatile piece that easily pairs with any shirt pattern. Should you be interested in seeing a larger image of this tie, then please click on the left picture.

2nd Place: Tie#4 (19.7% of Votes)


Again, it was a solid colored tie that ended near the top of the list. While this dark navy tie could not complete against the popping color of the bright magenta accessory, it still received one in five votes (19.7%). We at Bows-N-Ties especially like the subtle texture of this tie. The tie appears to be solid in color, but does actually have a monochromatic herringbone design. We think that it does indeed look excellent with both checkered and striped dress shirts. To see the larger picture of this tie, please click the image left.

3rd Place: Tie#1 (16.4% of Votes)

Even though Tie #1 only received 16.4% of the votes, it was the piece that was most commented on. Our Facebook fans either loved this tie in combination with a Gingham shirt, or hated it. Some people had strong opinions that “plaid on plaid clashes” while others mentioned that 2013 is all about matching patterns, including different plaids. We at Bows-N-Ties also think that this tie does work with a gingham check shirt, simply because the checks are different in size. To see the full image of this tie, please click on the picture.

4th Place: Tie#2 (13.1% of Votes)

Despite being one of our favorite tie choices for this shirt, our Facebook fans put this repp-striped tie in last place. Maybe we need to pair this tie and shirt in a complete outfit to convince our fans that it does deserve a few more votes. =)  In any event, we take our Fans word for it – ant put this tie in last place. To see a bigger picture, and/or to order this piece, please click on the left image.

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