January 30, 2012

Blue Wedding Ties


Popular Blue Wedding Ties for Groom & Groomsmen

Blue is one of the most popular color themes picked for weddings. It is a color that comes in a wide ranges of shades and can be worn for any season. It can be dressed up to add some formal panache to the festivities, but it can also dressed a bit more casual, and even trendy. Below are five popular shades of blue picked for weddings. In case you are looking to match your groomsmen’s attire to your wedding color theme, then please have a look at all our Wedding Ties – a growing assortment of both neckties and bow ties paired to match exact wedding colors by three of the most popular bridal retailers.

Pool Blue
Without a doubt, this light shade of blue is one of the most popular shades of blue for wedding parties. It is a light shade of blue with a tiny hint of turquoise. Keep in mind that not all Pool blues are created equal. Some bridal retailer’s pool has more turquoise than others and actually goes a bit towards the aqua color. In case you are looking for pool blue ties that match David’s Bridal’s pool blue bridesmaids dresses then please view our selection of Pool Blue Ties.

Capri Blue
Capri is another light shade of blue that is sometimes referred to as powder blue or baby-blue. It is a perfect wedding color for the spring season that is well paired with summery shades such as yellow and/or rose-pink. Also excellent are darker contrast colors such as browns, espresso, plum, and eggplant. If you picked Bridesmaid’s dresses in color Capri blue by David’s Bridal then this selection of Capri Blue Ties will complement nicely.

Cornflower Blue
Cornflower is a tad darker than capri-blue and pool blue. It is another popular spring and summer wedding color that looks great in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. If you are looking to dress your groomsmen in ties matching your Cornflower blue bridesmaid’s dresses then this selection of Cornflower Ties will look great. Many of our cornflower ties are also available as matching pocket squares – a perfect accessory for your dapper wedding party.

Bright Blue (aka “Horizon”)
This color is again a little bit darker but at the same time much brighter than cornflower. It is an attention grabbing color that often times looks lovely when paired with a lighter and softer accent shade. Great complimentary colors to bright blues are light pastel rose, tan, and off-whites (such as ivory). If you picked bridesmaids dresses in “Horizon” blue then please view our Horizon Blue Ties.

Sapphire, Navy, & Other Dark Blues
Elegant and chic! Dark blue is a popular wedding theme for any season. It is an elegant color that also happens to complement most skin tones. Typically the darker the color (think midnight blue) the more formal it will appear. If you like to add another formal element to this color then we suggest white and slight off-white accents. Looking to accent this color for a spring outdoor wedding? Then light rose, and pale yellows are lovely. If you are looking to match your groomsmen ties to your dark blue wedding theme then please view our assortment of Dark Blue Ties.

Your Bows-n-Ties.com Team